Where is the way to health net

      I believe that the health of the leading portal 39 Health Network is absolutely not strange, but we have not considered why his flow will be so big, so high visibility? Because 39 to do everything based on users. Let users find what they want, of course, you will like it. Let’s analyze it from the following points:

      a simple, catchy domain name. People have names, and there are also numbers on the Internet that allow users to recognize them. 39 Health Network domain name is unique, so that people who come in to see, you can remember, mastered the user’s psychology. Next time you enter, enter directly.

      two; a powerful database.

      1, to build a hospital database platform, will be around the hospital included in the cooperation, the authority of experts to add some hospital information release function recommended to each hospital a platform to show their own. Let visitors also understand the local hospital and experts, convenient for medical treatment.

      2, set up a drug database platform, the public needs of drugs included. Also provides the drugstore online quote and use these drugs after the experience of the function, not only did the drugstore popularity, but also made visitors to stay home to get their own needs, why not?.

      three; online Q & A. Let the hospital more famous doctor to answer some netizens or patients raised questions, improve the popularity of experts, but also meet the needs of visitors, how can we not like it?

      four; rich original content. The so-called content is king. Without rich and original content, it is impossible to attract visitors and search engines to stay here. This one applies not only to small and medium-sized websites, but also to portals. At the same time, key words also make deliberate attention, pay attention to sedulously.

      to meet the above points, click rate is not high is difficult.

      I also built a health network, is a specialized portal to solve Difficult miscellaneous diseases. Domain name is: www.zhonghuakangwang.com, all the user oriented, we will do our best to serve you. If you have any questions, you can leave a message for us and we will reply in the first time.

      we no matter how much traffic 39 Health, but from the online health class website gradually increased, you can guess, the traffic here is definitely high. So hurry up and do it!

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