Sharing experience with GG for the first time

received GG payment for the first time. It’s nice to share the next

ha ha, did not expect to accept payment is so simple, I was in Everbright Bank received, although only 180 knives, front desk MM very enthusiastic, I fill in the form 3 times to fill in the correct, the following details

1 collection can be at post, agricultural bank, Everbright Bank, I am in the vast number of banks.

2, as the website owner, is completely free of charge, and GG has paid the service charge in the United states.


3 to that money must take 1. payment amount, 2. of the payment of the money transfer control number (MTCN), the government issued 3. valid documents (passport, driver’s license, identity card, etc.) 4. remitter information I took to direct printing on a piece of paper.

4, when filling out the exchange receipt, it is required to write in English, can not appear Chinese characters, my English is not good, and use pinyin, ha ha, you can also. Will not fill in, then ask the teller MM, should give you more detailed answers,

ha ha, the above is that I think the collection of remittances should pay attention to the place, there is the first withdrawal can pay attention to Oh.

site for the first time to generate revenue, I suggest that you do not cheat, and do GG price is relatively high, and the advertising is more accurate, with a high degree of web content, click rate will be high.

received the money for the first time, ready to get a share in the webmaster online space, there are two sites ready for several months, the summer to do it. The rest of the dormitory students to eat a meal, y, and no……

of 1: the summer I and my classmates in Haikou colleges and universities in the new semester at a university journal DM, currently looking for investors in the global scope, technology partners (the website), advertising partner, advice. This is the second time I operate this magazine, the first time without success, so the careful preparation is sufficient, planning the book already ready. Please add me Q8368705, indicating dm. That’s my last shot at DM, and I’ll do my best.

attached: speculation condemned bad media, mainly for the Hainan University of videotaping the event, have no what, let the Tencent website results into the pornographic, is breaking news, speculation into what looks like you, I despise candid, but please stop your media hype, you the hype, let the victims to enlarge.

as the sea division of the students, I say: the sea division is not big, but very good, I hope to apply for sea university female students, do not affect this candid, most of the boys us or moral responsibility.

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