Operation KP urgently needs innovation from mechanical thinking to human nature

the scope of this study applies to the whole industry


editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public number "ID:lishaojia2015", the author Li Shaojia, author of "evolutionary operations".

the theme of this article: running KPI has been in my mind for a long time. In some ways, the question of how KPI can maximize its employees’ capabilities and achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprise is a commonplace world management problem. This article attempts to throw an answer from a new and bold idea…… It has not been verified by a great deal of practice, but I am sure it is of epoch-making value.

special thanks: participation in KPI topics discussed: HUAWEI, WAL-MART, Lenovo, Tencent, Neusoft, and exchange it…… And other industries, the company’s friends to share enthusiastically.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator key performance indicators) we should not be unfamiliar, the vast majority of enterprises will use the performance appraisal of our monthly, quarterly and year-end results of the work, KPI is one of the most commonly used management tools, there is a similar OKR (famous for Google), BSC.

in short, KPI is a management tool that implements enterprise strategies into specific implementation strategies. It can break large goals into small goals and implement quantifiable management on individuals.

if the enterprise is compared to a car, KPI is like the efficiency of the car engine, it is not unimportant. We might ask, why aren’t there many people in the field discussing KPI topics,

?This is because on the one hand,

KPI is jointly developed by the enterprise executives and human resources departments, the majority of ordinary employees only "passive acceptance", low participation; on the other hand, the Internet companies are mostly small team of systems and processes, such as performance is not particularly sensitive.

that KPI this thing, the operation of this post post influence in the end is not big,


Li Shaojia can first make a conclusion: great.

, "fewer classes," the old friends of the public should all know that the "important but often overlooked" theme is usually Li Shaojia’s preference.

in the individual, KPI is directly related to our income, promotions, achievements, and the extent to which personal values are realized;

in an enterprise, KPI is related to the strategy and will of the enterprise, and it can be implemented and implemented by the team;

the problem now is that the Internet business environment for change rapidly, the Internet operation, the current mainstream KPI is reasonable? How is not reasonable, whether there is scientific operation KPI let us learn from


unfortunately, the answer to these two questions is >

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