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? The last semester of the University, all around the students are busy, test the civil service, PubMed, resume writing, run the job fair, not lively. But I sometimes feel halt the troops and wait in the middle, with this group of people, especially A. Day after day in the past, there are less than two months to leave school, and many people asked me how to plan, I will smile, perfunctory past, in fact, very disturbed. You don’t know what we can do, do not want to think purely physical and mental freedom is more important than a salary job, do not want to graduate, do not want to do civil servants probably associated with this mentality, thinking anyway, the world countless can earn a living occupation, not only for the work of others is the only way.

‘s ideal way of life is a successful businessman, QQ signature "will speak Chinese Bill Gates", many people say naive, and they are not willing to change. In fact, if I had known that I was now involved in the magazine trade, I should have written "Murdoch who speaks Chinese", at least better than naked declaring that I love money.

graduated from graduation, there is nothing to fear, has always been formed since the arrogant personality can not change, simply stick to do some career. It was easy to make up my mind, and I knew I was on a path that I could never understand. Since then, the opposition has indeed not stopped, I can persist until today, I am a very tough person in personality.

parents started fierce opposition, why focus on university graduates well, no serious work, say out makes a joke, he had no matter what, steady and stable down, although the age is not small, a few years of torment, and what is not done, have delayed the work experience the opportunity is certainly the The loss outweighs the gain. The other side of a loved one, probably this is the meaning, let me a convergence point, will be much safer to work after all. This kind of discouraging is unavoidable, all of my previous communication is not done well. I didn’t give them enough precaution before graduation, that is to say, it will produce such consequences. Although they are determined, but look for their parents angry and even angry, my heart is very sad, this indicates that after some of the start is not smooth, but I think the most important thing is that she can continue to adhere to, their parents left doubts slowly after the number of dispel, to appease appease much, anyway not to cause the greater the difference on the line.

One month after

, finally came out, feeling very excited, but a little clue, not to work as the first principle, not to borrow money from their parents is the principle of second experienced these troubles, I felt that I must quickly find a breakthrough, to maintain their basic life. Otherwise, the pressure of career has not yet started, and the pressure of survival has to be faced first.

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