New way of stationmaster profit model under new form

has been in A5 diving, his writing is not good is not a shortcoming. But she also made a small website, make a website profitable way, the current site earnings in good condition, although traffic is not high. My website is Zhengzhou happy circle, old stationmaster sees to disdain one another – it is a website of SNS again. Yes, today is to talk about SNS dating type of website profit model, I hope we can communicate with each other profitable way. Look at the top of their own deep digging down the value of this model bar, do not see the article as a soft bar.

website is newly built. From the beginning of the establishment, I intend to follow the road to enhance the value of user experience, so I am targeting the same type of website. Now that the new local website is profitable, the big, all inclusive route is doomed to fail. You can’t compete with manpower, but you can’t compete with industry leaders. Then based on this market website which provides the core value to browse my web site, I take what valuable things for users to stop and love? After a year of diving and I used to work in the experience I found now is the so-called white-collar workers to work more than are very busy, they have enough time to go to work to check on their care website. The flourishing of happy net, the popularity of SNS dating website, people again and again realize that white-collar workers are of great value and can be explored. Compared to traditional big websites, what are the core values of my Zhengzhou happy circle?


first of all, I decided to go on the same floor to make friends. Now stable white-collar single white-collar There are plenty of people who concern, but also a social problem. Their desire to make friends is so strong that my new friends from the same building are overcrowded in less than half a month.

secondly, in order to retain the same floor net friend, but it takes a lot of effort, they need what? Money?. Of course I need, but I cannot put the money in his pocket to the archer? Hehe. The answer is to use participation activities to retain users, the activities of the funds can be found for business sponsorship. (I don’t scold people opening)

below to analyze why businesses should invest money in your website for publicity. What types of advertisements do businesses need? At present, the most valuable advertising is targeted publicity for targeted consumers, that is, targeted publicity. So how can this targeted propaganda be done,


, for example, illustrate my recent business trip. A businessman, I temporarily use A businessmen to express, he wants to advertise his product, target group is 20-30 years old between young people, so good, my Zhengzhou happy circle website user groups just in line with his consumer groups.

, what should I do for him? I made a set meal for him:

one, mouse pad 10000,

two, questionnaire >

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