Talk to everyone about how to do a movie station

although popular now Youku, potatoes and other video network, but now I do the movie station is also one of them, bored today, I would like to talk about a few of the experience of the movie station.

1. movies as clean as possible without watermarks.

2. update in time. For popular Korean drama, TVB drama does not need to be the first, but we will not be behind others for 1-2 days. It’s not difficult for us, after all, we’re downloading movies fast enough to watch the latest updates from the TV compression groups every day.

3. opens the tablet channel and is responsible for adding some of the movies the user needs. They don’t need 100% to meet them. Some of the films can be easily added.

4. updates some of the old classics. (Hong Kong and Europe tracts) as far as possible the use of HD film pressed into no watermark or with our watermarking film. Watermark should be beautiful and generous.

5. usually go to some forums, BLOG, space irrigation, inadvertently put some of our station connection, do not deliberately to send advertising, easily deleted directly, on the contrary, no effect.


6. movie player needs to be modified to install an icon of our website’s quick cut mode to the user’s desktop after the installation is complete. Now the 360 movie theater is like this. If you can have good packaging techniques and add directly to the player we installed, it’s our ad feature to load the ads. In fact, QVOD player is also a big place to make a big fuss. For example, wow honk, they just need to repackage the player and push the player to achieve their goal of popularizing the movie station. Including the storm push, QVOD player also in the process of doing the hands and feet, plus a process controlled by them.

as long as we observe, Ken works hard for our flow. Find out what to do. The movie station can Many a little make a mickle. bigger and stronger. What you need to do is to stand up and make sure you can accept what you are standing for. Constant updates will get better and better. Some of the station ads are simply flying around. I don’t understand why they do it, and I don’t believe they’re going to stand up and watch a movie like that. If you do a station, they are reluctant to use, want to let users help you publicity, it is impossible,.

article published by Youku K