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Common elements in an article on the Wangzhuan model in

(a), and share a few words about Wangzhuan, from a certain angle, described above includes information, profit sharing, leveraging win-win situation, then, in this paper, the introduction to the content, is a common course of most higher the.

can’t see

this is the characteristics of most people, of course, this feature, at best, can not be said to be an advantage, but it can not be said to be shortcomings. Especially for the novice, even the most basic projects that can be used to live are not. Where can I see new projects that can be operated?

as the saying goes, "the first one to eat crabs, often have courage, but this first, but also only one, can find NO.1, after all, is a minority.".


found that not only need the opportunity, need more vision, you can distinguish between an ordinary insulator and a very valuable antique difference? I think you can not, you did not meet, but you don’t have the vision to recognize.

for this problem, the solution is simple:

first, constantly increase their experience.

second, increase their own circle, you have no taste, let the people around you to remind you, join the circle of the greater, the greater the harvest, perhaps within the circle of a few complaints, can let you benefit, as shown below:


looks down on

some people always teased as others of their ignorance, categorically say that certain practices is a waste of time is wasted, but I don’t know, you look down on the project, there are people put a lot of money.

as one of the most realistic examples, QQ seckill group, this is a once popular price Taobao passenger operations project, when the project started, the envelope price is very low, go to the Taobao platform can casually buy, of course, is not the title of natural hacking QQ, and help you achieve full friends of the target.

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some people would say, "what’s good with a full friend? It’s a waste of money!


perhaps, ignorant people, always afterwards, no one would have to share their project is to make money to a stranger, empathy, and so are you, of course, is the operation of the project can earn a lot of money, you will choose to make money or share a variety of free bulkhead, the answer, no doubt?.

doesn’t understand

there is no wall, when a project can profit fast well, exactly, when a project has been known in a circle, then it will spread very fast, and the communicators, often have the following categories: >