Website operation optimizes what to do how to make [1]

operations optimization major responsibilities

website optimization (WOO) Responsibilities: to optimize the website, website operation status of the core competitiveness, increasing website brand continues to consolidate, and continuously improve the website profit as the goal, according to the market, and the actual situation of the user site investigation, analysis and steps, link planning scheme the site contains, strategic positioning and consolidation, development strategy, website style, image, ease of use and the standardization of design standards and optimization, standardization for website operation process development and optimization, web site development and optimization strategy formulation, formulation and optimization of website marketing strategy, planning and optimization of website operation data analysis the focus of the work and website operation, monitoring and optimization of the user experience, site monitoring and optimization of public image and reputation marketing strategy Formulation and optimization.

website optimization (Center) is on the staff overall optimization of the operation of the site, to provide a reference for the top of the company, the website operation optimization of the hub, supervision and guidance and overall management to ensure the good operation of the whole website operation optimization system.

two operations optimization specific work

1 investigate and understand the current operation status of the website, analyze and summarize problems in operation

2 conduct a comprehensive survey of the market and users for the problem

3 people and team brainstorming, propose creative ideas for solving problems

4 to optimize the target, combined with the site of the current internal and external environment and resources, develop planning programs and make presentations,

5 report to direct leader for review and further optimize

according to leadership opinion

6 docking with the design and development team to provide documentation for design and development, and to monitor and monitor development progress

7 collects research data after on-line, evaluates the effects and makes evaluation reports, or continues to optimize the program

8 to establish a perfect website operation optimization system, through the mechanism to mobilize more internal and external forces into the website operation optimization system operation,

three operation optimization work should achieve the goal

1 website smooth and efficient operation process

2 mode optimization, UI optimization, UE optimization brings user operations, psychological experience of smooth and improve the conversion rate of

3, the decline in cost, customer dissatisfaction rate declined, the amount of complaints declined, brand promotion, word of mouth promotion effect, the overall quality improvement, efficiency, website profit increased

4 high-quality personnel increased, brain drain rate decreased, team cohesion, executive power to enhance, internal friction decreased by

above work in practice, through the continuous optimization of the site has its own characteristics of standardization, standardization,