Very period webmaster please protect your domain name

from the end of 2009, CCTV mobile phone exposure pornography flooding caused by the earthquake has been a.Cn domain and a half months, the Ministry of industry and CNNIC every few days there are new policies, and the domain name registrar for provisions for the self preservation have been fantastic, so be sure to wake up to fight the spirit of twelve, protect your domain name maybe one day is lost. The following methods are not only valid for the.Cn domain name, but also valid for the.Com domain name.

1, for the.Cn domain name, be sure to use real data registration: if you did not use the real data, please correct immediately, otherwise the domain name may be canceled at any time. CNNIC has repeatedly issued a document requiring the Registrar to verify the identity of the registrant. At least you left the phone should be able to get through, Email is able to reply, the look with an air of importance. I have received many calls from CNNIC to verify my registered.Cn domain name.

two, website domain name and domain name website is not placed in each of two independent account (very important): if you have a domain name has station, please immediately re register a new account, and the establishment of the domain name is not immediately transferred to this account, this method is very important for the.Com domain name must also do the operation, otherwise, the consequences will be grievous. At present, the registrar is once found the customer domain name if there is "vulgar" content, will be immediately banned in this domain, and immediately freeze the account and all the rest of the domain name, the domain name is whether other vulgar content, regardless of whether there is other domain name website, a law to kill. This is not alarmist, my friends were the hands, by the Registrar told website is not informed of the specific vulgar content, information, check the website did not find friends vulgar, don’t even know which domain is because lead is blocked, the domain name can all move, even worse is that it is part of the domain name customers, suffered heavy losses.

Three, pay attention to notice

domain name registrar: before we can ignore all kinds of business registration notice, as all ads in the trash, but the very period of notice and the Registrar suggested reading mail, actively cooperate with the various measures of registered business, this is not to please the Registrar, but to protect their own interests, and can prevent registrar excuses for illegal possession of our domain name. For example, the Registrar may require the identification card to verify the registration of CN domain name before December 14, 2009, it is recommended to sign the watermark, written statement of a copy of the document to the Registrar, to ensure that their CN domain name will not be deleted.

four, site domain name immediately record: if you think the normal channel for the record slow, you can spend a little money, quickly put down the record number, or at any time may lead to domain name and host is blocked.

five, does not belong to your domain name immediately due to the cancellation of the record: the domain name expires or transfer, resulting in the domain name no longer belong to you, but you’ve previously had the record of this domain with their own information, please immediately cancel the record, otherwise others doing bad things could count to your body, your domain name is implicated in other. >

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