Traditional wine dealers how to make the transition making 10 billion of the annual sales of verti

I horse note: vertical electricity supplier has been criticized for not succeed, but the horse camp two students Hao Hongfeng founded the brewmaster network, in 6 years, the success of sprint to become China’s largest wine supplier, has annual sales of close to 10 billion, and Hao Hongfeng also declared that "electricity supplier must profit". Now brewmaster network is trying drinks O2O.

(pictured entrepreneur founder and dark horse big brother Hao Hongfeng)

September 2009, brewmaster network was founded in Shanxi, Taiyuan, 6 years of continuous evolution. Brewmaster network recently obtained a 1 billion yuan of financing, which is publicly sought to get the largest electricity supplier liquor business.

‘s financing, brewmaster network intends to refer to the taxi drops 40 million pound burn promotion mode, O2O platform "wine", subsidies to consumers and wine shop. Up to now, the brewmaster network has received 6 equity financing, the cumulative amount of 930 million. Brewmaster network is by far the largest amount of financing drinks electricity supplier.

recently brewmaster network president Hao Hongfeng participated in the brewmaster network and horse camp activities, sharing their experience four times of entrepreneurship, and brewmaster network six pieces of business, with six kinds of means to transform the traditional liquor industry layout.

below for Hao Hongfeng speech record finishing:

four pioneering, are innovative channels

I’m from Hebei, Handan, but I’ve been in Shanxi since then. In 1996, as a self-taught student on a private school, for a year, I feel boring, of course, and classmates in a class out of business, in 1998 March, the first venture.

when we also use the BB machine, I have to take the mobile phone, and then sitting in the plane to dictatorship. But unfortunately, the business has been paid off in just six months. But now I think it’s a very interesting business, and my four venture is related to channel innovation.

is the first business selling books, then coated paper of the fashion magazine when month came out, has not sell, we must return to the magazine, there is no way destroyed, because the collection of waste paper is not coated paper. OK, I thought about the business, recycling magazines from the magazine for 50 Fen to more than 20, then selling seven quick copies to beauty salons and pedicure shops, when the magazine was originally priced at $2. Originality is good, until later, our classmates made the industry bigger and stronger, and became all the old books in China. The old magazines were thrown to us, but I didn’t make any money, and I lost my business in six months. After doing compensate, the state of mind falls in the end when, less than today’s feeling of nothing. Then we started looking for jobs, but it was very difficult to find a job in Zhengzhou.

from the boss can not find a job, we feel very shameful, so change a place where no one knows, come up, and chose a very competitive Taiyuan. In Taiyuan, the Yellow tabloids were also published

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