Talking about the development of workshop network and some ideas

, let me introduce myself first. I’m the of the Hebei factory building. The website has just been on the line and no data has been added. The data used for the test has not been deleted. In fact, I was thinking about the plant network from the beginning of the year, but there are too many things, and the result has been delayed until now. Yesterday, in order to find links, Taizhou webmaster pulled me to his factory group, I didn’t expect, although my station has not included, but friends have not refused to do links, here, thank you.

found a lot of friends too impulsive, see people say money is head in, without fully considering the actual situation of the region, whether there are competitors, competitors, whether the program function is perfect and suitable profit model. A friend to ask Taizhou friend not to audit and intermediary fees? I suggest you first search the country do a good plant network, to take a good look at their profit model is what? Taizhou friend can say is the case under special circumstances, not necessarily every month as a good income, after all, the Taizhou plant quantity is limited. At present, the national good workshop network is in the form of advertising profits, so you must have enough advertising sites and different advertising areas, the most important. Many rental factory feel in the Internet to send a message, but also received what audit fees, never heard of, I feel unreasonable. There is a workshop network friends said to call them to communicate, they talk about charges, then remove the information, it is very typical of the psychological. If you translate this mentality into advertising online, I think they’re much more likely to pay. The audit charges plus the photo charges is free information can not upload photos and does not appear in the good position, free information on the bottom, on my website for free information you don’t notice, ha ha. Of course, this can not be done early. Charging information can add photos and display photos, thumbnails and so on in the home page. I think this is much better than the audit fee,


line documentary is not good to do, and intermediary cooperation can consider the annual fee or the inquiry resale, because Qiuzu information for intermediary is money. I know a plant network using this method, of course Qiuzu information posted on your web site you must control the method yourself to.

The development of the

workshop network takes time, so don’t worry about it. The development of light is advertising on a lot of revenue, but also consider other ways for profit, such as plant which generally need to use attendance machine, inventory management software, financial software, plant control system, if you want to have a lot of. If it is a small business, you have to crack online version of the software, to receive a one thousand, two thousand yuan is also good.

building network market is very small, and is not, if a region has two plant network, the best case is a lot of money, when a live Lei feng. The worst case is the vicious competition to both when living Lei Feng free service for the people, waiting to bite the bullet.

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