Webmaster should also learn to know a little

last night took a look at the recent hit movie "Chibi" movies, how can not evaluate, just between inside Zhu Geliang and Zhou Yu dialogue "that you know? Know a little too cold, this sentence is too talented, we don’t have little knowledge of what is the webmaster? < /p>Do

Webmaster Station, although the appearance of CMS we can not go to the bottom of the program, but html is a qualified webmaster should know that the site was built, part of the webmaster may also understand the server security settings, runtime environment, and relates to the operation of the website, the profit mode of thinking, the details of which are too many. Webmaster must be a little understanding, otherwise, when the problem occurs, always can’t always beg others, not to mention others can not solve, even if can solve, you rest assured that the server let others configure it?


so I said, "you know this, too." he’s so talented. I really doubt that Kaneshiro Takeshi has been a webmaster… But then again, Kaneshiro Takeshi played Zhu Geliang in Chibi. Although he answered all the questions, "every little understanding" seemed to me very much". Zhou Yu’s horse Aberdeen, Joe MM gaobuding, Zhu Geliang a "little" fix; Zhou Yu invited Zhu Geliang to play, Zhu Geliang is also a "understand" easy to achieve……

webmaster "understand", can achieve the Zhu Geliang effect? I think the webmaster HTML, at least you can construct a website that will do the mainstream CMS template, according to the security settings tutorial server, can easily set up ASP and PHP programming environment, web site operators do not say how how much, but at least the most basic should know how to promote……

Webmaster Station, smatters from Zhu Geliang.

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