Characteristics of network marketing in furniture industry

over the years, furniture has been mainly through the traditional way to sell stores, this way although more intuitive, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, higher costs. In the past, the furniture industry higher profit margins, the drawbacks of this sales approach is not obvious, but in the furniture industry increasingly competitive, average profits decline today, this problem is more serious. Therefore, looking for more effective and lower cost furniture marketing methods has become more and more concerned about furniture manufacturers, especially furniture dealers. As a result, efficient, low-cost e-commerce gradually surfaced.

e-commerce can save huge marketing and circulation costs for enterprises, and make it possible to reduce the cost and price of products. And consumers can search for the best prices in a wide range, and may even take the middleman to order directly from the producers, so that they can buy at a lower price.

consumers urgently need new, fast and convenient shopping methods and services to meet their own needs to the greatest extent. This change of values calls for the development of e-commerce.

1: the characteristics of e-commerce in furniture industry:

Electronic commerce

furniture, is nothing more than the use of the Internet "furniture product sales, compared with the traditional furniture stores and old media catalog sales, magazines, news, TV and radio promotion way, furniture sales through the network, has the following characteristics:

1) compared with the traditional shopping center, consumers do not have to drive to shopping malls far away, and do not have to wait in a long queue to wait patiently.

2) compared with other media, the Internet is by far the cheapest media. And a wide range of communication, through pictures and dynamic video, you can product description of more vivid and vivid.

3) realization of bi directional communication. Through the adoption of QQ, MSN, online video, audio and text, and so on, you can achieve two-way communication with consumers online. Through this kind of association, will enhance the intimacy with the consumer.

4) the product information provided is not limited by quantity. Because there is no actual shop area restrictions, thus providing consumers with a huge choice of space.

5) online marketing offers great convenience to consumers. Whenever and wherever you want, you can instantly order furniture products anywhere in the world as long as you can access the Internet. You can also achieve a timely comparison between a variety of furniture products, greatly shortening the time to buy products.

6) the realization of direct marketing. By using the Internet, you can reduce the number of middlemen (middlemen) in the sales chain, thereby giving consumers a huge price discount. General online sales price is lower than traditional sales price 10-30%.

two. Strategy of e-commerce in furniture industry

according to the trend of online sales growth, the advantages of online sales >

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