Enterprise websites have to rely on landing pages and flow pages for high conversions

is currently part of the enterprise website flow is good but the conversion rate is very general, often these companies rely on the website are some exaggerated propaganda to improve conversion rates, but with more and more site traffic on track, if not able to work on the conversion rate, the entire enterprise website faces may be faced with failure.

enterprise website to improve the conversion rate must depend on two factors: one is the enterprise website landing page, this is to ensure that users enter the site has left the core part of consciousness; two is to broaden the website flow page, this is to ensure that the site has the basis of far constant flow. And this article will start from these two aspects, do a comprehensive introduction, hoping to help more corporate websites.

one, pay attention to enterprise website landing page, improve landing page conversion rate awareness

is actually a lot of enterprise website webmaster all understand what is the landing page, but most of the time, part of the webmaster in the construction of enterprise website has neglected the importance of landing page, to understand the enterprise website landing page is the basic work site, ignoring the landing page is equivalent to give up the enterprise’s core brand, and the establishment of enterprise website landing page mainly from three aspects:

1, improve the core values of the brand, why users have to click through your website? Why after the user enters your website do not want to leave, have a great relationship with the core value of the brand, and the design of our landing page must focus on the core values of the brand selection, allowing more users to enter the first impression after the website is the core value of the enterprise said pictures, it is guaranteed the basic index of the user can enter the enterprise website.

2, increase the enterprise personality culture and spirit culture atmosphere, different users enter the website may not be the same purpose, but different users must have the same point: like personalized things. Our enterprise website to do this we must increase the personality and spiritual culture atmosphere, then allow the user to enter the site to see the landing page is a positive page, is a lively atmosphere of the page, is a can let users have to enter the depths of the page, and this cannot do without personality thinking and spiritual and cultural atmosphere.

3, enterprise website landing page must not ignore the guide thinking, users come to your website in addition to obtain the necessary knowledge is to buy goods, to the GD international domain name registration website friends will find, Gd shopping guide website will be placed in the home key sections of the site, can let the user to enter the site see the registration channel GD website, whether you are at home or abroad to buy to buy, Gd website shopping guide page is quite good, and we should also strengthen the enterprise website that enterprise website guide thinking, and constantly improve the quality of shopping guide, help to enhance the user experience of the website, allowing users to enter the site to find the first time shopping place, not because they can not leave the site and shopping guide.

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