Jiang Likun nternet start ups cannot follow the crowd and stuff

in recent years, with the popularity of Internet technology and the reduction of the threshold, more and more people begin to choose employment through the Internet to solve the employment problem. It should be said that this is a good phenomenon, only in the Internet industry more people, China’s Internet business in order to get greater development. But the desire to start a business is good, the process is difficult, and often the result is even more cruel. How to effectively avoid the risk of entrepreneurship? This is a question worth pondering. Jianglikun today to discuss with everybody many friends in the network business, easy to commit two errors, we hope to help.

‘s first question: follow the crowd.

every time there is a new model on the Internet, or a field is rumored to have "money king", there will be a pile of people rushing up, blind projects. For entrepreneurs, enough passion, enough execution and responsiveness are important, but not blindly follow the trend. Even if the market is big, once the participation of many people, then the average is not much. And then encountered some strong predators occupy half of the country, then the rest of the people can be assigned to the poor. Here are a few examples:

said, "what a fire it was when the blogger first introduced China.". Especially the introduction of the concept of Fang Xingdong, known as the father of Chinese blog. Its blog network has also become the focus of attention, and even threatened to catch up with sina within a few years. Under this blog shares the wind blows, whether large sites, small sites, the strength of the company or individual stationmaster, have act undisguisedly. But what is left of the last? Now, when you mention blogs, you might first think of sina blogs, Sohu blogs, and then Baidu spaces, QQ spaces. Leaving those large and small blog stations, basically have become martyrs, has become a stepping stone to the success of others. Although the blog is still alive, it was once closed.

to near say, because happy net’s success, SNS fire, everyone another nest peak go to SNS. But in the end, just achievement of "true and false happy net", contributed to the campus network to everyone network transformation, prompting the major gateway and launched a new product. These people follow the trend, there are several tasted the sweetness? Even the old SNS station network at home to the whole collapse, classmate net also had fought in the battle collar. Again, pay tribute to these brave and dedicated martyrs.

says to small Li again, the friend that sells tea on the net in the last two years is more and more, it is said that the profit of tea is high. When I’m crazy, almost all the groups on Q can see the figure of "tea girl", and even QQ can receive some private chat information about tea every day. Push a lot of members of the forum also catch up with this trend, I asked a random, but not a good income. Tea profits, of course, are high, but like this kind of people going up and down, selling tea is more than buying tea. On average, how much can one sell?

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