How to do well keyword requirement analysis and website layout

station, a layman looks very technical content words in the circle can be said to do, free CMS upload to FTP click on the next step to fill in the database log can do a search engine to the station, many people will beat a retreat. Sites that favor search engines may involve mining keywords, site layout, requirements analysis, detail refinement, and so on. Then, this article introduces the core part of a website which is beneficial to search engine, that is keyword requirement analysis and website layout. The introduction of these two points, but also because of the horse and the "car" did not have the protection good, is of no use. Other aspects of doing better, the core part of the site is not done, no ranking.

How does

analyze keyword requirements

if you know your website industry, so I believe you can rely on their own thinking out of the needs of key words, try to make you think about the same keywords, "Samsung mobile phone", can clearly perceive the 1-3 demand, such as pictures, price, price, type, so similar to themselves very familiar words, then I suggest you think more, this data is very accurate, of course, there are some key words we cannot imagine the demand, then try to use the data to tell you, the following data can be used as reference.

drop-down box data

when we use a search engine, enter the keyword search engine will find the corresponding drop-down box, drop-down box and search engine is based on user search volume to show, such as: when most users search for Samsung mobile phone, then the Samsung mobile phone search price, then the drop-down box will show the Samsung mobile phone Samsung mobile phone price quotes, and other words, so we can use the drop-down box in the form of a word to determine what are the requirements of. Of course, some of the key words may be done by manually brushing the Baidu drop-down box. Here, a variety of search engine analysis is recommended to determine the exact data.

third party tool data

I have used

webmaster keyword mining tools very much, because I have been very care about keyword analysis this point, people think the best than Baidu or client (Note: Baidu client needs Join Baidu Business Promotion can use free of charge). When we search for a keyword, the long tail keywords software exhibition show, the principle of the tool is to grab Baidu search results page website keywords as long tail keywords, and the page of the website is to meet the needs of the user site, so the keyword positioning is very accurate, and this tool is also analyzed keywords demand peer site, if not friends, you can also try to catch word assistant to do keyword demand analysis.

how to do web layout

when we search for an industry word, I do not know whether you have found that the portal ranking is mostly in front, and when we search the place +SEO, you will find blog ranking

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