Grassroots webmaster helpless and the status quo down your stand quietly think about it

first I feel very lonely very helpless, for the industry in the future of their helpless, helpless, to do a webmaster’s daily life helpless, the webmaster occupation frustration, people love to hate… Maybe… This is just my personal opinion, does not represent the entire business owners helpless, last night to update the site to find the program after more than 3 points, to go to work today, so sleepy. Below to write their own webmaster feel (not on the industry review and inference, just heartbreaking personal experience), there is the same way, you can share communication,

contact network is not late in 2000, a computer science major, but realizes that he decided to go the road network to the network and experience of infinite charm, but always said his entry is too late, early or late or not now has something to consider. At least he now came into the industry and how mysterious outsiders seem brilliant, others think marriage is like a metaphor of achievement before wall remember, people want to come inside and outside want to get in, and I think this number is similar to some network! Everyone’s life and habits and talent and life background are different, so everybody is the webmaster, but the webmaster and the same two words, but the difference is too big, others as a webmaster can receive hundreds of dollars a day, and you may have never seen what looked like hundreds of dollars a day, others look at the news, listen to music every day, so the website Ip tens of thousands of others, even hundreds of IP station IP station than you thousands of income, perhaps you every day to sleep at 3, but 12 others may have entered the dream, but others may not You earn less, and that’s the difference. The gap between the webmaster… The gap between people!


I also operate at several stations, several others called garbage station, work every day back to work after the update is received send the article, Baidu K, K received the suffering, but also do not flow to pay fee. Everybody says the station does not have a future, or not to do, do the station industry prospects and the future of the station, station, to do as a career, but to say that doing two different things, ask how many webmaster is not relying on a few garbage station of its own by several coalition the cheat to sustain their spending, many online expert, casually into a group, you can pull out a few expert, one day earn hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of many, I believe you have experience, but you see see, you go? Do they really are like you every day to update the link, SITE: look forward to Wednesday’s coming soon, so Baidu included a few pages, how to bring their own IP…….

but this down pay and receive as if is not proportional, even in the relatives and friends do not understand where his work still thinks he’s a mysterious disease, where the back of the computer, in addition to food and sleep is the computer, their relationships are not handled properly, will quarrel with his girlfriend every day, because you don’t have time to lose her. Because for a few of your site

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