How big will future web ads be

from the small text links to full screen advertising, from the "lower pop-up ads to direct at the top of the pop-up ads, great changes have taken place in advertising size and way, so that we can not help but think of the future, advertising will be to what extent? What will form? We review the development of Web Advertising:

February 2001, CNET took the lead out of the 360× 300 pixel "big advertising", according to reports, the advertisement has just launched a period of time, ultra high level hit rate had reached 14%, while the average click rate of less than 0.5% of the standard BANNER advertising. A few days later, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) officially released the "online advertising standard size, including 300× 250 intermediate big rectangle, rectangle, 336× 280 240× 400 vertical rectangle and 250× 250" square pop-up ads.

, in July, IAB released a research report saying that the bigger the size of the online ad, the better the idea that the new ad could boost "critical impressions" by as much as 40%. However, the study also showed that while the overall effect of a huge ad is 3 times that of banner advertising (banner), it costs 5 times as much. In order to obtain higher click and pay advertising costs, advertisers are still worthwhile to discuss. In fact, some advertisers online advertising is not entirely according to IAB standards, some has been far greater than 336× recommendation 280, in major news sites, there are still 300 to 360× the most common pixel.

The new network advertising

with visual appeal in advertising at the beginning to get more attention is not surprising, as time goes on, people on the "billboard" will also turn a blind eye, at 360× the average click rate is 300 pixel advertising how high no investigation data can be a reference, but it certainly is far better than the first half of 2001 just when there is much lower, and different products, different demands of content, and different forms of advertising, the effect will be very different. The fundamental factors of network advertisement size is determined by the click rate, because it is not advertising people pay attention to the size, but the contents of advertisements and their relationship, as long as there is a value of their own content, ordinary or even smaller BANNER advertising, BUTTON advertising, also can get satisfactory results.

is hard to blindly increase advertising size is to enhance the fundamental way the effect of network advertisement, network advertisement is more than large enterprises become rich bucket broad stage, for the majority of small and medium enterprises, a few times the price, and get the same results, rather than at a low price to choose ordinary forms of advertising are really.

now, online advertising is becoming more and more compulsive, such as some big ads on the Internet

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