Grassroots webmaster operating local portal five suggestions

nearly two years, with the rise of local websites, I also follow the trend of the Internet, set up their own local portal – Chifeng life network. Chifeng city is located in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, more than 400 kilometers away from Beijing, here is the closest to Beijing Inner Mongolia prairie grassland – Hexigten Banner, in the hope that we work from Chifeng tourism ha, here we Chifeng made a small AD. Well, the website is set up to November 2010, because of their very dish, so choose the third party system, to avoid the problem of technology. The following main share with you more than half a year station experience, but also for the upcoming line of grassroots who provide some suggestions:

1., a man playing station era has been OUT,

local websites and garbage stations are not the same, the local portal is to provide local people with some supply and demand information on life and some consumer shopping guide information. So you need a lot of some early offline promotion, certainly some manpower, material resources, promoting the experience I had in A5 wrote an article: Grassroots webmaster should be how to effectively promote the local website, you can see here, not much to say.

2. focuses on the importance of the market,

I believe that most of the webmaster are engaged in technical origin, in doing this market, there is not much experience, most of the webmaster do not understand the market, not good at dealing with people, and even dare to talk to customers. This situation is really not good, local websites run this, you do not go out running, it certainly does not have income. This gives you a suggestion, if you say that your business ability is very strong, it is understandable, I believe you can lead a business elite team. If you have defects in your business ability, then I suggest you go to the people with strong business ability, and let them take charge of the market, and believe that they can form a strong business team. But salesman recruitment this piece, through practical experience, want to find some suitable salesman, really not easy to find, but also need a little bit to explore. Therefore, I suggest you webmaster must pay attention to the importance of the market, the operation of local websites, the market to account for 80%, technology 20%.

3.seo should also pay attention to

although some experts or the personage inside course of study says, make local website not to pay too much attention to SEO, in fact this is not the case, SEO of local website also should pay attention to. I analyze some of our local counterparts website, found some websites they didn’t do SEO, do not even know SEO, a web site that even the title, keywords, description is not written, give a person a see not too professional. Recommendations: do more than the chain, and more original writing. This keyword ranking can go up. Recently, my ranking on the lower, do not know why god horse?. I’m not particularly professional for SEO. I just learned something myself, and I haven’t done enough. I hope the experts will give me some advice.

4. space to select


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