20 day promotion example analysis how to improve website ranking

Hello everyone, I am Ouyang, long time no experience to share with you, because recently busy this promotion site to do the final sprint, all did not communicate with you. Now, I’ll take a station I do to share with you to improve the site ranking method, and before Ouyang wrote "Ouyang: talking about effectively improve the site ranking method", the emphasis is different.

promotion website name: private aircraft network

promotion site domain name: www.***.com

promotion website keywords: private aircraft, private aircraft network, private aircraft, price

promotion time: 20 days (June 2nd – June 22nd)

site keywords are currently ranked: private aircraft (Google 2, Baidu 11),

private aircraft network (Google 2, Baidu 2)

private jet price (Google 5, Baidu 1)

In this

, Ouyang did not tell the station how successful do promotion, just to share with you the 20 day promotion experience, because it was at the beginning of this station a few key words in Baidu’s ranking in 500 after.

1, website analysis and Key Optimization in station

private aircraft network is China’s private aircraft, private helicopters, business aircraft industry portal. Concerned about private aircraft prices, private aircraft models, pictures and other information, products covered by private aircraft forums, second-hand aircraft trading, private aircraft shopping guide, private aircraft leasing and online pre-sales consulting.

In order to promote the convenience of

, the title is set to the 3 keywords, and in the station and associated keywords, so adding relevant content, as long as these keywords will appear in the anchor text.

2, website content update,

in order to ensure more competition of keywords, content optimization is essential. Therefore, the station will be updated every day around 20-30, so that every day to ensure that the spider to climb the site, there is new content to attract it. Of course, this point, Ouyang has a special editorial cooperation, we should pay attention when doing, if you are a person to do, then we must grasp the good.

3, the site outside the chain increased

this is the most important point, but also the most tired. Increase the chain of methods and skills, Ouyang in the previous articles have been introduced, in this unknown add, did not read Ouyang article friends can go to my blog.

special need to emphasize is that, now because PR is not updated, so when you find friendship links, you can refer to "Baidu weight" this indicator.

well, simply write it, and you can contact Ouyang if you need to communicate. 20 days, the results are not very good, but also >

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