Electricity supplier operators three ways to promote active users

as a business operation often referred to meow, single passenger volume, sales and other business indicators, and these indicators are related to business, and users, in fact, in the business operation of APP, a part of the user operation is also very important. In the user operation, through open source and throttling, users remain in the user pool, and through the promotion of active users, ordinary users will be converted into paid users.

users are active with two layers of meaning: first, let the user stay, and then increase the user’s activity. Why would the user left to it, the electricity supplier APP, what kind of things you sell rich, cheap and adequate inventory, this is the first condition to attract users, then you need to rely on some means to promote active users. Electricity supplier APP in promoting active users, there are ways to follow it,


1. Building a user incentive system

any APP will use user incentives, and user incentives can help users to use APP for a long time. Electricity supplier APP user incentives in the following forms.

Common user motivation for

1. – sign in

sign in is one of the most common user motivation patterns, with low user participation and participation with just moving fingers. The sign has two modes, one is the need of continuous attendance, attendance with a certain number of days can get points or discount, but if there is a Tianlou sign, before the sign was empty. Another is that the sign can be filled with the previous sign.


gold coins, but also a kind of sign, gold coins and naughty naughty value, the higher the value, the more gold coins in the coin is gold and get the gradient, the more the number of continuous sign, more gold coins obtained.

2. long-term behavior accumulation – growth system


growth system, also known as the hierarchy, allows users to obtain growth values through system approved behavior. As soon as the system specifies the amount, users automatically upgrade. In particular, the membership level can be improved or decreased.

Jingdong APP membership growth system, through the user login account, the purchase of goods, goods, etc. evaluation of sun single behavior can be cumulative growth value, and the members of the class and related interests, members of the higher level, can enjoy more rights and interests. However, if you delete the evaluation or return, you will deduct the growth value, the amount of interest you can enjoy before should also be reduced.

3. single act – Medal


medal corresponds to a single event. The medal is a display of a single event completed by the user. Some of the medals are extremely scarce and can maximize the user’s ability to accomplish the required tasks.


medal has another way of playing. After collecting a limited number of medals, it can be used to change

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