How can individual website develop

personal website how to develop? This is probably a lot of personal Adsense headache but not every hour and moment in the question, of course, the situation also in thinking, I’m not here to talk about the experience, just talk about the personal views and suggestions (if that is recommended Oh!).

first introduce myself, I am (Domain Name: Amoy HowNet is very bad yo, can not think of a good domain name) the station, the station is just beginning to do my station, now little traffic, every day only one hundred or so, before the storm did an environmental protection station, one year of operation, at the beginning of the year the station was sold, the price of 20 thousand, I earned a little, but the real hard, oh, of course, also learn some skills and knowledge, it is also because of this, I was thinking of making a Amoy HowNet such website, purpose is to put all the wisdom together. Well, cut the crap. Now talk about what you do.

one, be sure to locate the theme of your website.

The theme of the

website is an important factor in the development of the website. The individual feels like a soul. Imagine how a website without soul attracts customers. Want to put your own station fixed position, don’t ask what your website is doing, even you don’t know, that’s not good,

two, the design must be done in place.

the design work here refers to:

1, the layout of your website (personal feeling is simple and fresh, not too beautiful, of course, some sites must be beautiful, except for fancy);

2, programming, of course, I think most of this is to select some CMS procedures, such as personal recommendation dedecms, phpcms, discuz and so on (not exhaustive, I feel good will do).

three, domain name and space

domain name must remember better, can describe the main point of your station briefly, individual does not think.Com and.Cn have what difference, the key is the gist of the station and content, what domain name can do.

space (have money on their own server, huh, huh), must choose, stable, fast.

four, content

someone once said that content is king, and some people disagree. However, the wind and cloud are firmly agree with this point, a station theme is good, you do not have content, but also can not stay, can not attract visitors

five, stick to

don’t go fishing for three days, two days in the sun. Be sure to keep it up!



well, that’s all. In the process, SEO is also important. It’s unknown here, because the situation is not very clear, huh,

over a few points, probably a lot of people

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