Be careful when making links

website Links is important, but you need to do Links carefully, like a second-hand car, optimistic, there is nothing wrong with just bought not deceived specific I do not want to say, only our chat record posted, you experience it, I think you should to do after Links help:

841638111, 10:36:31

Hello, we are

of sunshine Tutoring Network

841638111, 10:36:49


exchange your homepage link with your station?

Ming 11:10:22

, give me the address, look at 11:22:13 sunshine tutor

Ming 11:22:57

IP, how much?


ygjj.c om 11:23:59

more than 10000

ygjj.c om 11:28:55


work together,


Ming 11:29:04

, your connection is much better,

ygjj.c om 11:30:07

, you said our main home page,


Ming 11:31:05

exchange connection,

ygjj.c om 11:31:27

, you’re in our area,


Ming 11:31:28

mine: free papers

Ming 11:31:34

I do home page

ygjj.c om 11:32:07

we’ve only done regional home links, and PR peer-to-peer swaps,

Ming 11:32:16

areas do not do

Ming 11:32:21

my station area doesn’t work for me,

Ming 11:32:54

your area is level two domain name

Ming 11:33:23

Ming 11:33:39

, if you are an honest person, do the home page, I hope you do not use the two domain name to deal with me>

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