Experience with Marx’s two site building

contact Marx

first contact with Marx is in the Marx film program just at that time, because do not stand, but also class, every day in the water mix behind, outdated, accidentally one day to see Marx in his propaganda program. He opened his website, take a look at the demo demo station first feeling is not good-looking, but what attracts me most is his function, do not need their own servers, direct hotlink 56.youku of the video resources. Nice.

is not free, online, no crack version, so directly to buy commercial users, should be bought earlier. Through a personal understanding of the buy only more than 100 points, the time to buy seems to be 3. The program, just bought when not directly do the station, first studies program, to understand the program in.

selling coolies earn a little money,


did not do stand, time spent on research program, our class is not a lot, so it is a lot of time. At that time there was no acquisition, data is basically manual added. But looking for resources or a lot of trouble… This time business group in the Phoenix to find someone to add data, think of yourself. Do you agree, not much money, but can sell a lot of data points. This in advance. It has been spent three days to finish all add a page 56 of the TV series. Start selling in the forum. At that time is not a lot of data. The data, I also compare. Video address the plot is introduced, the pictures have sold, so the effect is good. But because the price is not high, remember the 20 is a copy of it. So it can not earn much money. Only. Then the people come to me to buy movie data, because too tired, he did not do.

new edition, build new station

slowly, Marx 5. I don’t want to sell the data. The new version of it looks good. To support more video, I began to do the first movie station. Because at that time the tudou.com drama this flow is good. There are tens of thousands of keywords search. Then the key words do not understand. Do not understand the optimization, promotion. The first station was on the line. The station may be excessive optimization, Baidu was only a page. And no change for a long time. But he still holds.

is the first station not what traffic, because the space can also be bound to a subdirectory, you have a PR2 domain name, ready to open the second movie station. Just maxcms. The direct use of CMS program started in second film in front of the station. This station attract lessons. Basically did not do keyword optimization. Name is green movie network, no popular keywords do slowly in title, Baidu, slowly included, may be the relationship between the old domain PR. This station is still relatively high, looks like the weight of Baidu. The collected more. The highest point of more than 5000, the flow is also rising, directly on the 2000IP, all is the movie search over, turn on

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