Knight a brief description of your life in the nternet

knight, aged 23, Zhejiang, Quzhou, graduated from Quzhou University. 14 years old contact computer, 16 years old learned to surf the Internet, 7 years network age. When I was in junior high school, I reported to the school’s computer class before I contacted the computer. Later, when I was in high school, my brother gave me a QQ, before the official start of the contact network, my place is very poor, but the school to buy a computer is not late, my pursuit of new things are strong, so may be more obsessed than the students of computer, cherish the opportunity to learn.

was very poor, and when he was in high school, his relatives sent a computer. He was so happy, so he cherished the opportunity to learn. Many people are thankful for poverty. Are you also grateful for your poor growth environment,


in fact, I personally have been keen on programming in school, because a deskmate’s sake makes me like programming, but also love self-study. At that time, the class will not and now my friend is my deskmate deskmate, have their own computer at home, contact the computer very early in the morning, he saw the C language at the time, I am very curious, I only heard English, French, Japanese, and how the C language, so it is curious what it can do. But I knew then that it was a computer language. At that time, my relatives sent me a computer, so I became more interested in learning computer. Then, on Sunday I went to the school computer room online, just picked up a VB6.0 book, I immediately get back on it, because I know this course in the second semester, I in the summer holidays basically look at the book for two months, although do not understand, but down. So it was easy to study later.

later, the school held the Vb6.0 programming contest. I signed up, and my friends signed up. My friend got second, and I got third. It’s estimated that there are only a few people in the school. Now that certificate has no use, I can only keep a memorial.

then, through their own continuous learning, learned to write the basic application software, then play the game to make a software to automatically click the button click on the game, I was looking for a crystal love automatically click of the mouse, I imitate the interface, and increasing the number of clicks and shutdown, can through the system timing shutdown and mouse shutdown. At that time, my software to do than crystal love, because of his function as me, I’m not practical, but later they upgraded version, and I was a computer formatted source lost, and there is no re to write. When I was in secondary school, I made my own website called cloud cloud software studio, which was the website of the static page. It was my first time to enter the internet.

later, the University, even a small company through the network to find me, I want to help them change their procedures, procedures using VB6.0, then I will try the idea when it should be, first pay me 300, I help them with some functions, and the function of print statements, later altogether changed about more than 10, and paid me 20>

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