The survival of community sites in the economic crisis

the world economic crisis has broken out, and China can not get rid of the negative effects of the financial crisis. In this storm sweeping through the world, China’s Internet industry will be affected by some factors, such as capital structure. As the carrier of all kinds of advertising alliance community has recently been favored, but also because of reduced advertising and again have to consider the problem of existence itself, the "cold winter" has become the focus of the recent discussion of the webmaster community.

think, especially small and medium-sized community site is a pressing matter of the moment to expand channels, self-reliance, initiative to return in their own hands, blindly rely on advertising is not a permanent solution. So how can make the site take the initiative to grasp their income rights,


and many webmaster communicate this problem, there are some better sound, that is, directly into the field of e-commerce is a good plan. At present, there are thousands of companies to promote sales of products in the field of electronic commerce through the Internet, and the Internet e-commerce platform of large and small and require different channels of the products quickly and effectively communicate to the terminal consumers, at present, the online community is the most effective carrier terminal. In addition to relying on the platform itself to spread, the advertising alliance, search and promotion is the most mainstream form of online publishing.

But the

community and various alliance cooperation is somewhat passive, despite the financial turmoil that force majeure does not say, the community itself can be used as the basis of dividend flow only, click is pitiful, often by union bosses unwarranted deduction amount… Webmaster in such cooperation, can be described as wronged extremely.

Since the

terminal carrier is the core of the community itself, why not consider the webmaster directly into the electronic commerce? At present, everybody is familiar with a recommended community interactive marketing e-commerce platform, such as "shopping group", personal feeling is very suitable for the characteristics of the community, with strong, and can effectively improve the community benefits the autonomy of the community, to achieve revenue. Perhaps a definite choice for many community sites in the long winter.

can only say that every community in such a winter, seemed to be somewhat weak, we have a lot to find some way out, the new way. The new QQ discussion group 31856303 discusses the webmaster’s survival.

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