Web Feature Theory Color persistence = success

what is website characteristic theory? What is characteristic again? With many things and new ideas, it must be out of the question. In my opinion, if you want to have characteristics, you should not only have "special", but also have the necessary "color", coupled with perseverance, I believe you will succeed.

some people do stand for almost 10 years, there are people on the server, ready to continue to download the cause of small pot. According to the broad masses of the people saying, surely the behind is not unique, but no one can deny his success, because he has created a new situation, from the temple has become a Buddha, his name is Clinch, his website called green software alliance.

Not only is the special characteristics of

, especially it’s in Chinese has been flooded with steel spring, the website should pay attention to the color, especially in your personal resources, color is your enemy weapon, said the most vulgar analogy, men want to conquer the desire of beauty is a beauty hope men have fallen for her as strong as, what is the contrast between beauty and beauty? To the vulgar ratio method is a colorimetric. To be honest, this ratio method is a bit vulgar, vulgar but outstanding Clinch although not what features: neither Ajax screen full of running, there is no circle that said, he put the download do quite ordinary, but the green software well, because of the outstanding "color", he conquered the other as a user "man". Now every day by 200 thousand IP traffic, contented and happy.

users do not understand RSS subscriptions, do not understand AJAX, nor will they use Telnet to access BBS, so these "special" to keep yourself slowly. The most vulgar color, is a weapon to conquer the public, the most simple, you come to me, what you want, I’ll give you what, like one night stand, relief is very clean, if you miss this man "color", and you feel this person does not have what like SNS to bind him, let every day he felt glued to the Internet is guilt, maybe the night will become Remember When, something he would talk about BBS you remember that year, how I support website.

users and the site is a simple point opposite, face-to-face, characteristic theory should be applied to the opponent.

to do a summary of experience, the opponent did not do, is to do a good opponent, did not do a thing, is the characteristic, if you do the opponent is done, and the opponent didn’t do something to be done, and stick to it, then this is successful.

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