Talking about the operation and opportunity of talent network

is now the financial crisis, many people can not find work, many people feel that our talent website will flow, it can earn, but the fact is just the opposite, although people looking for work, but the recruitment of enterprises? Now recruitment is low, so now the talent network how to operate, I collected several methods of


1, first do your own web site, the plate to do good point, clear point, do landscaping, try to use small pixel pictures, do not do animation (prevent IE open when the page stuck), to ensure that visitors speed.

2, and all kinds of city and city talent friendship link, of course, the weight should be biased to the province, the field link to do more, not necessarily good. While doing the link, I also know that I have made part of like-minded friends.

3, through the production of enterprise website for customers, attached to the link in our link, let the chain more. At the same time, I wish also a mode where live webmaster, I hope you live a happy life (now the individual stationmaster basically is for customers to do station life, use the money to operate their own websites, there is little hope).

4, looking for professional agencies to cooperate with. You give them an area on the website and recommend it. And they will put some user information on your network, it is best to talk about exclusive cooperation. Allow them not to stay in contact with the enterprise, but can say yes, through your website, the past customers, to play twenty percent off. Mutually beneficial cooperation!


5, now do not want to earn money, free recruitment to enterprises, for enterprises to do small ads, but also for their own advertising.

6. use network relation, develop local stationmaster alliance, QQ group, stationmaster annual meeting. Expand the station’s influence and popularity, the website itself also a few groups, retain members!


I think these are the basic things to do, preferably under the AD website

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