Talking about the operation experience of rapid acquisition of daily traffic P5000

nowadays, the webmaster will pay attention to this phenomenon, it is everywhere sucks about how to get a lot of traffic in IP. And one day gets tens of thousands of exaggeration, such as IP SEO and so on in secret. Below we analyze the authenticity of these articles and their main access to IP means.

admittedly, a popular way to get traffic right now is really effective, that is, using popular keywords to obtain large amounts of traffic by SEO means. About this, the author also personally experienced, such as during the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival party, the Spring Festival stars, blessing SMS, etc. are hot keywords, net name search great. In the new year’s day to the sixth day of the lunar new year a few days, I went to the station traffic on IP5000. It can be said that there is no practical advanced SEO technology. Only use Baidu index, Baidu search rankings and Baidu news, every day to observe the popular keyword search volume, according to the change timely adjust the website article topics and keywords, to obtain a stable high flow. It can be said that Baidu news and Baidu search ranking is a steady flow of traffic banks. Just take advantage of it and you’ll get a lot of traffic, and never worry about the days when there are no hot keywords.

see here, you already know the so-called online quick access to IP5000 is not what very difficult. Then, specific operations, we should pay attention to what? The following in accordance with my experience summed up the webmaster should pay attention to a few points:

1, the choice of hot keywords

due to the lag of information asymmetry and, in the choice of words, remember to carefully choose the day search ranking the most popular keywords, but according to personal intuition and forward-looking sense, prediction of keywords will be hot, released ahead of your article, go ahead to get big flow. Otherwise, unless your station weight is very high, the general station’s hot keywords are difficult to row in front of the search. In general, the rising trend of the day search is much higher than that of the weekly search, and it is necessary to carefully identify and analyze what hot keywords are worth doing.

2, content integration,

online popular approach is pseudo original. And emphasize a large scale makeover. In fact, according to my experience, a feasible method is to save labor, collect the latest articles containing several popular keywords, respectively. Appropriate capture paragraphs of integration in the search engine is very good in front of the original article, the title with appropriate modifications, can be described as the day clothing seamless, welcome by the search bots.

3, layout of the content of the site


according to the vitality and influence, the best made special plate, so it looks more professional, rich in content, increase PV content and user viscosity, in front of your web search engine will also gain more weight and better ranking.

above are popular keywords, quick access to traffic practice. Of course rankings!

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