Station owner demand drives relevant Group buy DC group buys gradually popular

in August just ended the Beijing 2010 China Internet Conference, the birth of a new keyword "home economy."". Experts, it is a new word which appears with the rise of the Internet, mainly at home, home to work part-time, home or work in business at home, while the use of the Internet consumption is also an essential part of "home economy" at home." "Home economy" phenomenon is the emergence of the Internet along with the continuous development of network applications gradually related to our daily life and emerge as the times require. Basic necessities of life, friends, love, work, business and other acts, along with the network community, e-commerce, instant messaging and other applications mature gradually transferred to the network, you can go home without a transaction. The service Internet is deeply rooted.

, and the "home economy" behind the continuous innovation, to meet the needs of Internet users, the use of Web sites to provide products, services and content, realize the value of network applications, traffic will be transformed into profitable personal adsense. It can be said to the needs of users to provide pregnant hotbed of "home economy", and personal webmaster as representative of the network of entrepreneurs constantly hatching a variety of products and services created network demand, and transformed into the value of money. According to the twenty-sixth China Internet development report CNNIC7 released by the China users reached 420 million, growth of 2.9% compared to the end of 09, the broadband penetration rate reached 98.1%, the scale of broadband users reached 364 million, Internet users and broadband penetration rate has greatly increased, the local users of information demand growth, emerge in an endless stream of various network applications, to provide great potential for Internet business.

since last year, the government has strengthened the supervision of illegal information and website filing. After the end of the year’s network regulation, the total amount of domestic websites has dropped sharply to 2 million 790 thousand, a decrease of 13.7%. CN domain name remediation and real name system impact of the new deal, in the first half of this year, China’s total number of domain names dropped to 11 million 210 thousand,.CN in the total number of domain names from 80% to 64.7%. Sorting out policy environment is more cruel than before, it is more difficult for stationmaster to start a business than before. But the stationmaster traditional individual small workshop management model is outdated, remediation reshuffle, although the number of sites and groups is decreasing, but the individual stationmaster is gradually towards e-commerce more competitive, the localization industry station in the direction of transformation and upgrading. And in the CN domain name system, taking pictures for the record policy gradually implemented, the new situation of BBS gradually cancel the record filing, personal webmaster entrepreneurial environment slightly improved, is bound to the needs of users of rapid growth, the emergence of a new round of personal webmaster bucked the trend, it will have all kinds of stationmaster needs also to bring the opportunity to industry.

according to the "2009-2010 years China IDC Market Research Report" shows that since 2009, with the overall economy has stabilized, IDC industry market rebound quickly, by the end of 2009, China IDC market scale reached 7 billion 280 million yuan, an increase of 49.5%, compared with the growth rate of 200>

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