Why is it difficult for portals to take root in the two or three tier cities

local portal site has always been the grassroots in the operation process of weakness, especially in the two or three line of the city, grass-roots groups their own resources is not enough to compensate for the reading needs of user groups. Therefore, the two or three line of the city there is no successful local portal, then this means that the portal station in the two or three line of the city has no future? I was not, although the two or three line has its own disadvantages, but the two or three line of the city also has its own advantages. The information coverage rate is wide, the dissemination is more rapid, the competition pressure is small and so on, all is two or three line cities to give the portal station preferential benefit". So, if you are a grass roots in the two or three tier cities, but also want to do portal station, then master certain skills and operational strategy is particularly important.

it is necessary to make full use of social resources. As one of the two or three line of the city, said the truth information generation rate is relatively slow, and the needs of users and is often greater than the amount produced, so the owners pay attention to when they can provide the resources can not meet the requirement to operate the site, must call social resources actively to meet the rigid index of self development, such as you can with the administrative organization, local government departments, schools, hotels, entertainment venues have close contact, so that they will be fixed or provide you with information resources, to meet the specific needs of some fixed groups, this way not only enrich the contents of their site, and growth have also introduced some new user user viscosity.

based on the local, believe in contacts. If there is no special circumstances, I suggest we don’t focus on the field of the portal, such as you are a Zhucheng people, don’t do Shouguang station, because the process of contacts and resources in the portal station operation’s influence is enormous, and this thing seems contacts with website operation Never mind. In fact, in close contact, said the most simple example, for example, you want to cooperate with a bar, want from them to obtain products and preferential sales through the middle, if you were local people, may also find the relationship through some acquaintance to cooperate, but if you are outside, its strength is not very strong. So, it is difficult to get this order, after all energy-saving thoughts in the two or three line of the city is particularly strong.

is about making money, each portal site needs to solve the problem, after all, the survival and development of the process of less investment, but for the general portals, profit model is a bit simple, mostly from advertisers. Especially in the two or three – tier cities where the economy is not developed, advertisers’ efforts to support the site largely determine how far the site can go. Well, this phenomenon is a very unstable structure, so the key to changing this situation is to make the portal’s earnings as diversified as possible.

So if you want the

website profit diversification, what measures are reliable point? I want to do a line and the next line of O2O model is more reasonable, after all, the two or three line of the city resources is limited, but the integration is not difficult, the portal.

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