SNS network era where do you map your network

today’s Internet era in travel arranged in a crisscross pattern, new life, who will have a SNS account, then you will fall behind! SNS, full name Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. Now more popular, popular SNS sites such as happy, school, online and Bing, are relatively young, energetic new generation of network products, no doubt by the majority of friends love.

happy network

"happy net" is not a SNS website, it is only a "WebGame" in SNS, it has the characteristics of two kinds of products, but has lost its own characteristics, it has its own characteristics, it is now the most fatal injuries. Happy net claims to be no download QQ, by the office of idle people, the front desk girl’s favorite, providing a small game for white-collar workers to provide contact with each other’s emotional platform. This is more attractive than the only share, photo, share, blog, but also more cordial, no wonder the campus network also buy domain name at high prices to understand the hate of the heart.

second, happy net pay too much attention to entertainment and personal, but the web game eventually cannot keep users, because it does not give a person with "white-collar workers, these The imprint is engraved on my heart." just relax a little tool only, and make friends and people cannot rise to the pulse height, of course, does not rule out some of the remaining men 3S lady, Indoorsman Indoorswoman found the object of love. However, compared to the beautiful homes and Alibaba forum, happy network in the practical aspects of "coquettish", or it simply does not consider what is practical, to achieve business value also has considerable difficulty. Lack of attractive web games, at present, happy network users have no sense of boredom, happy net "unhappy" feelings greatly.

campus network

is regarded as one of the most thoroughly executed "Facebook" imitators in the country. As the only interactive space for college students, customer groups are relatively narrow at first. The campus network has strict access system, used for domestic college students, are now required to slightly relax, but overall, the user is supreme purity, and good quality, but the school network is booming and cannot hide their weaknesses.

Customer: University of

graduates is four years, four years after graduation, will graduate work, there will be many people on Xiaonei? younger age may be one of his shackles, and also more intense play, games and applications have launched a younger age. When college students walk out of the campus, they naturally turn away from the campus and turn to other SNS circles. It was a signal that the school had announced its entry into the office, but not necessarily the size taking, and the sacrifice of purity was the loss of the user, from this point

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