We’ve found the needs of our users but we just can’t produce them


if you were interested in the field of Internet entrepreneurship a few years ago, the name Adioso would probably not make you feel strange. As a new generation of flight search sites, the services offered by Adioso are romantic. You just type in "tomorrow’s departure to warm places" or "go to Southeast Asia for two months", and the website will tell you exactly where and where the cheapest flights are.

as Y combinator 2009 Winter class, how is Adioso developing now? Not so good.

we’re out of money. Apart from me and another founder, all team members left the company, and we were physically and mentally exhausted. The company’s first investor and mentor bluntly said, "we took investors’ money to the failure.". We are basically one of all failed start-ups.

if Adioso ideas make you feel strange, you do not stand head and shoulders above others. In fact, users love and look forward to Adioso’s services. But where is the mistake? Is it possible for the entrepreneur’s financing ability, or is their lack of management ability possible?. But, according to founder Tom Howard, the reason for the failure is that such an ideal system cannot be built at all.


Howard and his team raised the idea in 2007, they had been testing the water in their hometown of Australia, which was sought after by a large number of users. Howard the idea is that only need to put the product spread in the world, an empire is That’s final., by Y combinator to accept further affirmed his faith.

however, a few years later, they found themselves helpless. For so many airlines in the world, the flight time, price information, these rapidly changing information have left them badly battered but nowhere to follow. After trying, Howard concluded that no one in the world could obtain full, accurate, real-time flight information from anywhere in the world. Without data support, Adioso’s model is just empty talk.

The idea of

Adioso is good, but it doesn’t have the destination I need.

tasted the failure, and Howard didn’t give up, mainly because all the user’s feedback showed that everyone liked and was willing to accept Adioso. Since it’s impossible to build an ideal database, Adioso begins pulling data from other airline websites. There is a big drawback to doing this — the speed is very slow. "In order to give a search result, we have to search dozens and hundreds of times."


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