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industry all know, from where to red child to cotton net, many sub vertical electric providers have fallen, become martyrs. Many of them fell from the "small and beautiful" vertical electricity supplier to the "big and all" comprehensive electricity supplier expansion road.

energy-saving, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun. Although many losers, but as the current hot vertical electricity supplier – fresh electricity supplier areas, there are still players on the "high Daquan" platform operation road. Recently, the vertical fresh electricity supplier was platform injection news constantly, SF’s fresh electricity supplier SF preferred also opened its own platform road.

at the beginning of May this year, SF preferred sales category expanded from fresh food to 3C, department stores, food category in self at the same time, launched open platform, the introduction of more third party through the original hey mall open platform products.

we can see that the vertical fresh play is quietly changed: from the original pursuit of small and beautiful vertical, with the help of the platform or the launch of an open platform and gradually penetrate into the integrated electricity supplier of higher grade road.

1, two platform models,

right now, many vertical fresh electricity supplier players want to do the platform, or with the integrated platform cooperation, or by the integrated platform investment, SF preferred to open their own. As follows:

The name of the

time on-line platform shop platform inject every orchard store No. 1, May 2015 June 2010 Tmall Jingdong, Jingdong investing tens of millions of dollars of fresh electricity every orchard Hoda network March 2009 flying cow network (RT group self class comprehensive retail shopping website) May 4, 2015 acquisition of Hoda network 54.5% stake in February 2011 77 Tmall,, delicious, shop No. 1 Jingdong shares delicious Amazon in May 16, 2015 77, the investment amounted to $twenty million in October 2005, Tmall had no fruit easy life in July 2012 Tmall, shop No. 1 no Tootoo April 2010 Tmall

can say, choose to do their own open, expand the category of this model, but also become SF optimization difference breakthrough method. Is SF have users, flow, logistics, capital, more and more businesses to enter their own business ecology, with more third party power, self perfection, to fight a people’s war on our.

platform, SF preferred self advantages will become more prominent, at the same time in the category of goods and services to further improve the online business, with the SF hey passengers (upgrade renamed SF home) cooperate more closely, to achieve the next line of drainage line, boost the rapid development of SF preferred.

2, support: Why did you choose this road,


‘s core question is, what drives SF to take this platform?

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