Site from Baidu ranked fifth to be K station experience and lessons

is now the grassroots webmaster, most estimates are in rely on search engines to flow from Google China after the incident, traffic from Google according to A5 forum survey is less and less, we have to rely more on the Chinese boss search engine: Baidu. Baidu is a word from the " he found the degreeses. When I look back, that person but in the lights dim, " this word, but let Baidu webmaster always feel Baidu such as water, flowers in the mirror, constantly changing, cannot measure, see reach. She occasionally give you a favor, one day traffic from Baidu rose, but the total is not a few day. She became a dream such as fog, such as electricity.

Baidu toss mood is extremely unstable, an unsettled state of mind., it is affecting the physical and mental health. But in order to live, to the point that point to the flow of advertising. No way, or to spare no effort to engage in search engine optimization, find the reasons, find a way to get the hang of." looking for, desolate, desolate sad. When the cold, the most difficult to rate " Li Qingzhao used this word to describe this process most of the time if it is very appropriate.

I do stand more than six months, six months since the reclusive, carefully done station. There is the joy of success, but also have a profound lesson. The first site I do, China dream business network, only a short while ago, home key business plan, business stories, business network in Baidu ranked fifth twelfth, thirtieth, the ranking in Baidu stable for about a month and a half or so, February 14th Baidu K on Valentine’s day, some stations, including my China dream business network, now Baidu again included, but no ranking. The word China dream business network is still in the Baidu eleventh I do not know when, can restore the weight. I had to make a new 88 startups, Warren Buffett said: put the egg in a basket and optimistic about it. But I believe the old saying: don’t put all your egg in A basket. I have done more, of course my time and energy are also scattered, not concentrated to the use of force in one piece. But what can I do, in the face of the constantly changing of Baidu, I can only amount to increase the hit rate. Only one station, I really don’t know me how long it will take.


, I wanted to try to improve the user experience, I want to increase artificial promotion efforts, I want to get rid of the strong rely on search engines. But this method seems to need a lot of pre accumulation. Plus some time ago because of the CN domain name to stop parsing events, until today still does not have a clear statement, because I the China dream business network is the CN domain, so that the idea of it, I’m afraid I pay too much for this last unfair control and nowhere. Cast to waste so finally I decided to do the dumpster, fast track, do one day is a day of traffic.

may be because of my decision, so that my venture network eventually ranked fifth from Baidu to K station. Maybe you’ll ask me how I started ranking

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