Enterprise site optimization need to pay attention to the four major mistakes

here, I put the enterprise, site administrator all included in the ranks of the webmaster, after all, they also want to do site optimization, also have the website source file management authority. Business owners are a group of special groups, because we all know that changes in the ranking is normal, need to optimize a calm heart, but this group is indeed the most difficult to maintain a calm state of mind, no enterprise station patience is often due to pressure from the boss, the boss to consider the factors of cost and profit is often lost patience. Enterprise Adsense in order to often focus on the update and the chain, ignore some common mistakes, greatly limit the site rankings, in here personal talk about enterprise station some common mistakes:

myth 1: introduce business, business news, and about us to the most important position,

enterprise products get better marketing effect is the final destination of the enterprise site, and the enterprise repeated introduction of text, list and add industry news, these are to improve the web page noise optimization. To solve this problem, we need to clarify one thing, is our enterprise customers to enter the site he wants to know what is this? We want to know the size of the enterprise, the boss resume and so on these things? No, the most direct customer idea is to understand our products, and our goal is to sell our products, so we it should turn on the product content on the main position.

1, answer the customer’s most urgent problems: product selection, function and attributes, so it is necessary to add products evaluation and FAQ (FAQ)

2, next is the problem of credibility: Here’s a little more about the profiles,

misunderstanding two: frequent updates of industry news and corporate news

many owners feel high included is high weight, high ranking, in fact, look at the search we will know that this is not the station actually doing business there is no need to pursue high included, included, we should ensure that the search engines are valuable for our enterprise site pages included, so the renewal of the enterprise the way news is wrong. In addition, for some small enterprises, enterprise sites, there is no need to add industry news column. For example, I am a tutor training website, if in order to update the content of the enterprise site and forced to join a lot of industry news, such as machine, school information, domestic education, these are wrong.

error three: the wrong use of anchor text

anchor text is a direct way to understand keywords, target pages, themes and keywords. The most typical is the use of common garbage anchor text: more, more, click here, and the other is in order to pursue a neat effect, and far fetched, all use 3 or 4 characters anchor text.

error four: choose inappropriate keywords

a situation is that the home page has made a keyword without spreading it

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