Baidu unfamiliar street micro blog WeChat moved whose cake

the past two years, WeChat has been close to 400 million registered users, this is a proud achievement for any one product, of course, this is not the full force of WeChat, with WeChat to improve the public platform, many marketers who have joined this platform, so the platform of the future of unlimited potential. Of course, a joy, a worry, WeChat unlimited scenery, the inevitable fear of other products, then WeChat growth in the end what products or companies feel anxious,


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Baidu is apparently the first, as China PC end search first master, Baidu advantage in all aspects of no shake, but in the mobile field have from the mobile application platform first, to multimedia search later, Baidu wants to improve the intention of mobile platform is always no way to implement, it is no wonder that Robin Li criticized his the company lacks the wolf, no way, the decline in PC terminal and mobile Internet ferocious today, grasp this opportunity will be eliminated by the times. In this respect, WeChat is clearly a step ahead of Baidu.

I think people don’t think WeChat is too simple, think it’s just a tool for a friend to contact, but it has great potential in mobile ports. For a very simple example, WeChat has a voice assistant tool, the tool between friends can make voice calls at any time, but it seems like a walkie talkie, this is a simple tool for Tencent opened the voice assistant in the field, it is not only Tencent, there Sogou, even part of the public accounts, tiger sniffing also, are using the modified weight function better user experience. This is a development trend in the future, however, Baidu is not good starting this selling point, although have level of tens of millions of online users, but compared to WeChat’s four hundred million and viscosity, are not worth mentioning, the gap as can be imagined.

makes Baidu not only afraid of WeChat’s voice features, as well as its public platform. Because a grid of blog has said that when WeChat public account turned intelligent robot, WeChat public platform is turned into an intelligent App Store. This will likely bring about a change, many areas, such as finance, electricity providers, logistics and other industries customer service needs and formats will be revolutionary changes. As WeChat uses more users and richer users, WeChat’s public platform will become richer and more marketing value. So many want to promote mobile port software or some information of a friend will come to this promotion, to a certain extent will affect the development of WeChat in the mobile tools download, and these are all free, WeChat only need to do is to provide a platform on OK, in the mobile mobile application platform so long time, download the lack of resources, lack of innovative design software, the user is not the first choice, the fetters of its development, and it is worth considering, adding one day WeChat will gather all the necessary function of the Internet in the software, then the last who will jump out of Baidu search.

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