Give advice to those MJJ grassroots webmaster

about how to go to the webmaster, this road I am a little embarrassed to say it, that is just contact the network when the beginning of it. Should be 03 years, in order to get MM joy, to copy some web pages, the contents of the change into their own want, and then MM think they have talent, ha ha, I see no one so silly. I thought I was very talented at that time. Why did I think of this method, but now I think it’s stupid!


started with pure entertainment, and in front of a lot of people, and asked me what was for, I said loudly, "webmaster", network development and so on.. MJJ I see these titles and then don’t add me Oh, that is the title of the title to his many years ago, and now I will not say, because I have no technology! Now every day to see behind the YY, oh, this is not a good example!


has been talking about web sites for years. Make money only once in three or four years ago, when the film alliance fire, I made a HTML page, the image is completely AV inside the cover, it is fraud, a lot of MJJ want to watch porn registered, then do two or three months, should be made three thousand or four thousand dollars that may not be so much, is two points.. Then slowly, no,

traffic is cheating, and is the most primitive method. In the pages filled with dense key words, and later to Baidu K, I did not do, and until now, I no longer rely on the site earned a penny, because they have no skill, no patience.. So if you want to be a station. No technique, it doesn’t matter, but you must have the will to keep it up. Don’t give up. Hold on till the end, you’re the boss!

that’s the way I think of a good theme.. In the beginning, I was very enthusiastic. I didn’t have it for a few days. I left it there. Hand corn is a few, are beginning to want to register to do the station, and in the end did not have to do, a few months lost there, no tube, hey. Some meters is also good, it is not lost due to renew in there, not continued and reluctant!!!

sentence: do not stand too much heart, should be careful!!!


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