Local station interview because of concentration so persistent Yilong online moved Yilong

signature: We interviewed Yilong online webmaster Han tian. This interview, Han Tian share in its 11 years of history website to us, and the strategy of its own operations local portal sites, we have also seen their dedication, a passion for their local users of the service heart, hope can bring some suggestions to other webmaster.

host: Yilong online webmaster Hello, welcome to our KingCMS interview section, first of all, please introduce yourself and the story of the website.

Han Tian: Hello, I am Yilong online Adsense Han Tian, first of all happy to come to KingCMS interview column, and we discuss the exchange of local portal website operation. Yilong online website has been founded for 11 years from the beginning of 2000, we have been focused on Yilong local information website, currently has a team of 4 members of our team members, almost no hobbies can be said that the Internet is our biggest hobby, even we are not playing mahjong, almost most of the time is spent on the site if the user questions, we will be the first time to respond. We had no local site in Yilong County, want to find some local information is not convenient, in this case, we decided to make an introduction to Yilong local information website, initially in the forum community based development, now the development of the voice of the people, the classification of information, information, community, pictures. Remember the first time we personally go to the website is collecting all kinds of data, because we are all local people in Yilong, Yilong perennial attention to local information, so to grasp the local information of this piece of relatively strong, we will in the spare time in the local mobile phone with a camera, walk around and shoot some local upload to the site. The local newspaper is our biggest concern. What’s the latest news? We’ll upload it to the website for the first time. In fact, it is also a hobby, we are just in order to establish a local information exchange platform, to facilitate local Internet users at the same time, but also to facilitate themselves, ha ha.

since the site, the site has also done domain name replacement, remember when the beginning of the site is a web page introduction, ha ha, at that time the domain name is ylren.com, all manual editing code. In 2004 we started doing portal when our domain name yilong.info, then we use the local zip code to do name 637600.com, the replacement of the 3 domain name is also required at the beginning of the website, also said that we are beginning to do the forum, later developed into the portal, then think digital domain is better point that is our local zip code. Early morning, our site is all ASP program, after 2007, we all changed to PHP site so far.

currently about 50 thousand members of the site, PV about 20 thousand per day, IP about 2000 per day, ranking in Yilong Baidu ranked first in local websites, you can say that now Yilong has become the post of choice.

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