Small station half Station History guard against conceit and contentment

time flies, from the time of the absolutely ignorant of it is already half a year, half a year, how much hard sad, how many happy joy, write down here, to share personal history, for the later

light!The first

Wangzhuan, a small fortune

The first time that

is the establishment of a student in there, in that he can also know personal website, website also can make money, was ready to listen to friends, and apply for a blog to start my Wangzhuan career, I wrote an article in the campus, let friends to share, and the QQ group, plus the blog every day there are many people who visits my blog every day, gradually independent IP has been around 300, then the Ali Mama Amoy promotion (now seems to be called Amoy treasure) is the fire, I’ll do this, also do some recommended money project, the two months actually earn more than 500 dollars

, my music!

now, that day is the most beautiful, because there is no Wangzhuan seriously, just spare time and weekends management, even large income, enough a month of food, it is inexplicable happy, but also because the start too easy, walk behind will feel more tired!

get dizzy with success, failure of


is the first successful, I think we most probably it did not actually happen easily, start a station, that high prices is good, when space providers don’t know much, see a station in China advertising, Yu Shihua 248 bought a domain name (now inaccessible) and space (afterwards that I was cheated, rotten super speed, super black, no less!). At the beginning, it is a cavity blood inside, add articles, advertising everywhere, to each big search engine submission site, but 1 months later, traffic is only a few hundred, but as long as the day not posted immediately down, even worse than the original that January has not updated blog, but to my disappointment the station is 1 months, Baidu has not included, Google is only more than 20 pages, PR is not to mention the 0, then think about the blog in Baidu Google thousand pages, pr=4, was overcome by feeling of sorrow continue to adhere to the 1 months, still the same, oneself can stand alone, don’t say no money, even the cost of 248 did not earn it, and to this website, I stay up late every day, so


these two months, the only sure thing is through this site successfully filed down, Google adsence (the original blog can not apply), otherwise it is nothing good,


closes web site and rethink

angry, I closed the site (you can try, has been unable to access, so absolutely not cheat, click) return to the blog, blog or as in the past is fierce, just have such a failure, the heart.

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