Do station mood rookie webmaster to engage in a forum is not easy

I finally uploaded and downloaded hundreds of times.. Finally build a forum out, though it is using forum template Discuz. But I was also playing with him. I fainted several times..

himself because I’m playing forum.. I’ve only met ASP websites before.. Never played PHP!


plus I don’t have much money, I know the space to play PHP is very expensive, and very little space… I am a graduate, so the money is limited. So I hope the money I use is reasonable.. I dare not buy space to play.. Because people hear what CPU restrictions, traffic restrictions, and file format restrictions, etc…. Therefore, it is not easy to maintain a reasonable virtual space.. To me。。 Don’t be a brick!! -_-


, finally, in my most difficult time… The stationmaster in the master’s yard sympathized with me. Give me a little space for me to play with. Again, thanks a lot for his support.

, but I’m new here. He divided the space for me.. I began to do the career! Got a home out of feeble force with other and finally got a paging power play 8.2.0 forum… As you know.. I uploaded it… All upload failed.. Let me feel very helpless.. Why? Try N times.. Still the same…. But under the request of the wide division of the master of the backyard, he once said.. My system is LIUNX incompatible with ASP.. Only PHP… Suddenly I fainted a lot of waves… I’m too bird!


finally, he told me to play the Discuz forum… Finally, I gave up the website I had done before.. It’s a bit of a learning process to build a forum, and when I know the Discuz forums have to be installed… I looked at the installation process is common upload web pages N times… Upload the UC first, install the background management system.. The upload all successful, immediately put down a lot of mood.. When I opened the installation address… Very happy to see the installation interface… But then let me helpless… During the installation process, something suddenly appears below; BIN.× cannot be found; × × what module?. How do you say I have no permissions on my CONFIG.INC.PHP file?.. But I can’t find it if I look for it.. Suddenly let me helpless ah! Do not know where to find the problem, on the BAIDU search, looking for N hours later… Nod your head… Which side of the server may be the problem?.. There is no software installed to cause this situation to occur… So I turned to the stationmaster in Guang Fu’s backyard again. He immediately helped me solve my problem and help me set up the space problem.. When I install again, no more. What template can not be found below?. One to the last installation… Very fast! Stay with the front desk Forum.. Step on the OK, please!

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