Two years to prepare for only one site

education represents the past, learning power represents the future, do not know who is too much complaining about reality, the brothers speak out, so with philosophy, they are very fond of, often used to spur themselves. Also because he does not have a high degree of education, but also as an excuse for yourself,


was born in 1987, I can be regarded as a " marginal person " a lot of people will be 86 after the row to ’90’ ranks. And I think I’m a real 80. I have the spirit of hard work after 80. At the age of five, my still revel in the play pretend, I entered my road. My road to study is smooth sailing, primary school, junior high school, high school, but later did not undergraduate, just mixed with a specialist. And it is such a turning point in life, let me gradually into the ranks of the webmaster,


is a computer software technology major in the university is Cobain was born, then find the work is programming. At school, like most people who learn computers, they are basically muddling through. Games and movies are indispensable. At that time, in addition to their own school curriculum, basically no self what, so that when graduate looking for work, learn a. Finally, I found a job in a foreign trade company. The salary was 12002007 years, and the salary was pretty good for a junior college student who had just come out to work. At that time, I was mainly responsible for the development of the program, when the main development of the company’s Web site, and a business network. It is the first time I contact the site, the true meaning of the design, development, maintenance all by myself. At that time, really tired, for a person who has no experience in the development of a business network is really too hard. But in the end, I managed to overcome the difficulties and complete the task.

spent half a year in this company has been busy in the site three months ago, after finished, feel very empty, there is no challenge, for two months, then paipaipigu, resigned! A lot of people a lot of time to work on their own are not satisfied, but always reluctant put down the idle work on hand, it mediocre life. And I am a courage to change the fate of the people, then her breathing some childish works, (when he is very confident of this, several works) was 07 years, when the work is easy to find, with the website, I entered a small Internet company, I began a bitter history of the establishment of the enterprise. Here’s my salary. It’s 2000 yuan.

at that time, the operation of the web site is nothing to understand, and even their own domain names are not. The network company’s business is not many, the artist did not finish, as a programmer I sometimes will be very idle, so leisure time, they began slowly real sense of contact from the web site. At that time, the main place to study was the laggards and the Chinese stationmaster. There are too many people in it, and the Internet company has been around for half a year

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