Start from scratch and build a little game station

to pay a return, persevere hard to be harvested, put the words in the text first, self encouragement and encouragement with you.

inadvertently looking back, the site has been for seven or eight years, as a poor student from scratch, outsiders non computer professional is not the basis of the energy in the field go for so many years, there are too many regrets, there are too many harvest.

maintenance site is not a few, basically all of the income from the main maintenance of a web site, the other is the first to wait for the opportunity to do, for example, the county level talent network.

if someone asks me what your successful experience is, my answer is: stick to it and give it up. My main source of income has been on the web for 7 years, the industry leader.

if someone asked me, what is your experience of failure, my answer is: Xiaofujian after inertia, laziness. So many years of ups and downs, only this site better operation, a lot of time wasted.

because of the Internet uncertainty risk (such as you engage in a Korean website, suddenly require copyright), we hope to have other types of site operation, support each other, expand revenue channels.

is the first to choose a new site type, which should determine what advantages they have, what are the disadvantages:

we are very busy at present, we are engaged in industry, and we are not able to do enough of our work. We are also not familiar with those who do business on the spot.

we have server resources, and non-technical customer service staff (because the current source of revenue is a technology station, and the tech teams are busy).

from the novel search station to qvod television station, discussed a lot of programs, has been dragged to the present, only last month decided to start small game station.

opportunity is also very simple, because cousin came to my home to play, open my notebook, the first thing is to open a small game station, began playing games.

we think that the game website can use the server idle resources, after all, you need to have an independent server to do well, this is a threshold type is always better than anyone can buy a horse better space.

our customer service MM can maintain it without technical standards. We have several other websites and some friends who can help with one-way links.

our current technology class site, which does not conflict with small game sites. No, a type can spread risk.

then collect data, understand the situation of the industry, the leader of the situation, some small game website operation experience, not ready to do anything is doomed to failure.

about half a month, these are almost all of the groping, almost every related articles have read.

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