The choice of a planning director after 80


in one’s life choice is really too much, when I was young, my parents to make me smarter than other children, help me to choose the best kindergarten, a little older, wants me to be admitted to a good university, gave me the opportunity to focus on high school; when after graduating from college, most of choose to face to my own decision, I study for more than two months, feel the road is long, and home funds have been like "vampire" like smoke almost dry, so I choose to work, think will have the opportunity to further study. With the mastery of professional knowledge, find a good job is not a problem, although college students employment difficult is very loud, but for me, I never had to worry about, maybe I am a lucky


my hard work, learning, so I have a lot of confidence in his own field, I am from a small programmer, sit on the technical manager position step by step, now I have site planning director and operations consultant, at the same time he also has several famous the station, my ability a bit to let people know me, so give me the cooperation of the people recognized, I also sincerely treat every friend, also got a lot of friends, I thank them very much. These made me feel that I have been very happy and fruitful in the past two years. They all said they were responsible for everything. Now, what I’ve done, I’ll have to pay for it myself,


love, marriage, work, career, study, Pumianerlai, these days I have pressure going to collapse, choose love, not equal to a marriage; choose a job, not equal to have their own business; choose to study, not equal to a bright future; all the options. Let me feel uncertain; the two day I to his family, friends, classmates talked a lot, I have mixed feelings, I struggled, I can’t escape, I will have to face, I must calm down, sometimes really want to drunk not awake, I tried, I later, in addition to let you feel a few days have dizzy spells outside can not solve any problems.

I was staying here, I continue planning director job, or choose the future is very vast opportunities? A selection of the most important in my life, who can tell me how to do? Who can pay for my future happiness? You? Or is he not any? Personally, but I myself, poor little lamb, will move toward the road to heaven? I haven’t decided yet, this Sunday I will make the final choice, when choosing after my story details to share with you, I have mixed feelings, do not know what is said.

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