Taobao shopkeeper how to do WeChat marketing

WeChat public platform as a marketing tool, more and more attention. We value WeChat, but two, first, it has a huge number of individual users, and two, it’s a good place to take hold of the mobile market. Now, the fiery mobile end, so that we are looking for new marketing breakthroughs, so commercial operations WeChat has been imperative. Especially for some Taobao personal owners, the living environment is getting worse and worse. If you want to do a good job, you have to find another way to do it, and WeChat’s appearance gives them hope. The following I will introduce the owner of these shops Taobao shop WeChat marketing methods, but before doing, I hope you understand two points:

1. is clear that WeChat is just a tool

whatever you want to do and want to sell, you have to know that WeChat is just a tool before you start. Its role is to help you find your customers, based on this point, you have to think about how I use it to find customers,


2., WeChat’s location is very important,

imagine if WeChat positioning your just a product information account, you think of how many people will pay attention to you, and how many people will buy your product, then how many people are there to cancel your attention? So the beginning of WeChat’s position is very important, it determines that you do the success of WeChat.

below for everyone to explain an example of a mother and child products Taobao shop should do how to do WeChat marketing, we assume that the store’s products are milk powder, diapers, toys, baby clothing and so on.

first of all, our target customers must be women at the mother’s level (already produced and produced). For this part of the population although they need our Taobao baby shop, but our shop products do not have much advantage, price and market price almost, this time we need to build trust with customers, through some value-added services product value, so when the operation through WeChat shop we need to proceed from the additional services, such as pregnant women and baby daily dietary recommendations. These aspects can be reflected in the WeChat public account name above, you can call love baby, home pregnant women and so on, but it is best not to call so and so maternal and child shop.

determine WeChat positioning and name later, is our WeChat account promotion. Promotion is mainly focused on the Internet, you can post through the forum and QQ group, in the process of promotion, we should emphasize the help of customers, attention to WeChat, we can give customers what kind of services.

The final content of the construction of

, we should not send advertising information, more interested in multiple customers for their help, and let our customers know we can help them, and then take the initiative to WeChat to interact with us. After solving their problems, we can recommend the product information.

example, although simple, but I hope you can understand what it means. In my humble opinion, only hope that some enlightenment for Taobao owners >

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