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niche" is the English word "Niche" transliteration, niche marketing is also known as "gap marketing" or "niche marketing", also known as "slit marketing"". Philip · Kotler to define a niche in the "marketing management" for the niche is more narrow to certain groups, this is a small market whose needs are not being well served, or " based " to obtain interests;. Marketers usually determine niche markets by subdividing the market segments, or identifying a group of distinct minority groups for a specific set of interests.

niche marketing is an enterprise to avoid confrontation with strong competitors in the market, due to various reasons by the small market choice and powerful enterprises ignored (called "niche market" or "niche market") as its special service object, all the actual needs of the market to meet, to firmly occupy the market marketing strategy. Niche marketing can be greatly improved by means of Internet, because of the accuracy of online advertisement positioning. Hsieh believes that the promotion of enterprises, the rational use of niche, is the key to the success of promotion.

English niche in the blog blog occupies a large proportion, usually these blogs are not a lot of traffic, and even most of the Alexa ranking in 100W, but these blogs can gain good profit.

What features does

typically have in a successful niche blog?

1, the content of the poly coking

The theme

blog focused niche specific, strict, all articles and blogs all around the theme of creation, all articles are closely related to the niche market, only occasionally or rarely published articles and topics in the general area.

two, niche


niche blog focuses on a relatively niche content, focusing on mining and researching content within this small area. Usually in a niche field with a certain authority and dominance.

three, unique content,

niche blog content is not necessarily the original content, a lot of niche blogs a lot of content based on the polymerization of feed, from search engines and other blog content aggregation, but if the content provided is the only and not in other sites on the cloth, then to visitors will be more long-term value. Therefore, in most niche blog resources list articles and more depth articles occupy large proportion, complete collection of articles and no value for the reader, also need some innovation and self reflection.

four has personalized, niche related blog templates

basically, niche blogging requires an appropriately appropriate blog template design, though not necessary, but it does make your niche blog look more professional and unique, and >

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