The short term profit and long term planning rice and vegetable roll which is more suitable for smal

Remember earlier this year when chatting with a friend to talk about the short-term profit and long-term planning problems, on this issue, opinions are not uniform, there is a self view, most of my friends would choose the latter, but a lot of people can not tell the reason, so today I will discuss some of the more practical problem with you.

small owners in the domestic current situation is grim, the majority of owners in low income or no income, many types of sites are not their own profit model, are still exploring their own path. Maybe sometimes we will often see the success of a certain webmaster how much profit a month, but that is just a temporary incentive or excitement. So, as a small and medium-sized webmaster, we should choose the short-term garbage collection, profit or choose long-term planning, do a good quality web site?.

below, I’ll give you an analysis of these two stations to do some practical conditions:

1. condition for garbage station

novice to explain what is the garbage station, as the name suggests that most of the content without careful editing and basically is to rely on acquisition back, this kind of website can quickly have a portal station scale in a short time, but according to the rules of acquisition collecting back information often there are still a lot of mistakes and with the network "has a very high similarity, so the station is easy to search engine that is easy to be cheated, K. But in the short run, it’s a quick and profitable way to build a garbage dump, rank a GG, or affiliate advertising before a search engine update. The establishment of such a garbage station, you need to understand some basic SEO and some aspects of the collection can be done, generally do garbage stations are doing a lot of profit at the same time to achieve decentralized, income aggregation model.

2. to do regular station conditions

do normal station often that is not easy, need a long stick, so in addition to the high quality of the site itself and the webmaster unremittingly content and resources is not that we do not need to do anything else you can succeed. Not so, now many websites have good content and resources, but only a little popularity, so the problem lies in the promotion and SEO.

website promotion is a very difficult thing for individual webmaster, maybe we can casually say several promotion methods, but many methods for personal Adsense is not feasible or that one effect is very little.

in addition to personal webmaster want to do the most deadly website is not wide circle of contacts and capital chain support, the majority of owners do not have their own website server, most programs are used on the Internet free open-source program, and most owners do not spend money to make a template, so people spend money to do network promotion is not realistic.

based on the above mentioned may be a lot of people will think I’m misleading to do. "

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