Do a good job of Taobao long tail product keywords design analysisA game on the road in Wangzhuan Wa

for B, I have to be different from A, and I have some odds of winning.

competition is fierce, a click up to 2 yuan

for passengers, how to do the long tail? According to the observation and Study on my own, I think Taobao for passengers, the long tail of the concept should be a correction, as a good phrase for the content is the long tail, for example: "what the most effective weight loss products?" and "taobao moistest shop", "taobao crown stores a total list" as I mentioned above the three keywords, has not called "word", should be accurate to say is "sentence", the introduction of words is obviously much higher than that of

brand is especially suitable for cosmetics and other relatively high gross margins, while market competition is extremely fierce Taobao customer products, we all know that Taobao is the "three kings" is the highest profit competition is also high scary, that is: women, diet pills and cosmetics, women’s money now it is not so good to earn, "silly people, more money, in the past the extensive market competition has come to". With the saturation of the market is more and more high, fake also began flooding the network market, in this case, B2C is the main brand effect, cheap and brand products can meet the actual needs, but also meet the vanity, this product can open the market in the Internet, this case is "the most classic L’OREAL" and "Maybelline", the two brands are more relevant in the long tail of the Internet, I also give some examples: "L’OREAL online store" the cheapest Maybelline lipstick.

The key root   A take the road, A take the path, B walk the road, A will win, B have the probability of winning, B take the path, B has the probability of winning, A will win, for A, I just choose the same as B, I will win.

one click 10 Fen

B    earnings 50 yuan

A    income 150 yuan; advertising fee 10 yuan; profit 140 yuan

SEO ignored the plight of bidding cost, in bidding, assuming that AB has two companies do a weight-loss drug, diet pills total profit is 200, the two companies considerable strength, by means of SEO in turn ranked first, the profit of 100.


A      earnings 50 yuan

sh419 profit 10 yuan

sh419 profit 140 yuan

went to the Taobao class share of the time, Taobao said, not to mention the long tail, we all know that Taobao is so popular is because the guest L-carnitine myth made, and then a few people noticed the "weight list" of such a sub long tail brought the enormous economic benefits for many webmaster envy at the same time, a variety of network training sites and push related concepts in the long tail of the long tail of a whoop and a holler, now but bigger heat, the choices are greatly reduced.

there are 4 cases of bidding,

B bid   A does not make bid, A makes bid, B does not make bid

B        income 100 yuan; advertising fee 70 yuan; profit 30 yuan

sh419 profit 10 yuan

B profit 100 yuan

in a race, there are AB, two players, A greater than B, there are two roads, two players free choice, the main road and path.

The Taobao

A profit 100 yuan

two, the brand + key root

bidding dilemma

we call this type of word division, there are so few:

, regional key word + root


this word is generally used to localize the product Taobao guest website, such as I do the specialty, so I know the pure nut products, products in Xinjiang is the most famous, which dates is the most popular product, this kind of products in the country there is a famous brand – I miss you so, I do this in words, my choice of words should not "Xinjiang date", but "haoxiangnizao country store" or "Zhengzhou haoxingxin jujube monopoly" the specific regional tail, home key so that they can effectively avoid the powerful door apartment layout mall, with regional relative to deal with the population will be accurate, the difference between "Tian Ji horse" confrontation techniques to gain more popularity.

long tail word other

A          income 100 yuan; advertising fee 70 yuan; profit 30 yuan

two post winning and strategy

sh419 profit 0 yuan

B    income 150 yuan; advertising fee 10 yuan; profit 140 yuan

one click 1 Mao

one click 1 Mao


to the diet industry, if the two companies do SEO do not bid, the two will profit 100 yuan, total profit is much higher than that of the two companies are bidding to do, but the two companies are rational people to pursue their own profits most things, and hope that the other two companies do not bid and do their own bidding, the final result both companies do the bidding, bidding costs, sh419 has become the biggest winner.

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