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1. positioning is not clear,

several projects are emphasizing their own projects, no competitors, there are no people involved in the country and so on. But in my view, this is a strong proof that the project has a problem, and that so many smart entrepreneurs in China, the real blank market hardly exists. Either the project is really bad, or the entrepreneur has not done a detailed analysis of competitors.

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5. business plan and expression confusion

entrepreneurial history of a difficult process, entrepreneurial passion is important, careful analysis of the market is more important. Here, record your thoughts and thoughts for your reference. The /IT –

was honored today as a member of the project review panel of Tianfu Software Studio to participate in a day’s project review. A total of nearly 20 projects have been submitted to the studio. For the first time on such a formal occasion, listen to entrepreneurs describe their project, the overall feeling that Sichuan entrepreneurs want to impress investors, there is still a long way to go. Briefly sum up your personal feelings.

most entrepreneurs come up is a phenomenon of the macro market is big, the future development of how strong, and when their project is still broadly speaking, no data support, even in the team members also use "XX in the rich industry experience, XX has very strong the technical strength of" general words. In fact, the simplest direct said that the work experience can be.

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20, at least half of the items are not yet clearly defined, and it’s not clear where their customers are, just a general idea. There is a related industry experience, found the opportunity, then venture out alone, by virtue of the direct basis for survival and old customers do not have what problem, but no long-term planning and specific goals, understanding of the industry is relatively shallow.

today, most of them are very early projects, either in the conceptual stage, or in the development stage, have not yet begun to contact real customers. But the more this time, the more should be full market research, using data to support the feasibility of their project. Unfortunately, most of us judge the market through our previous experience.

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success or failure of the team is the most important, most of today’s project members of the founding team structure is unreasonable, or both high-tech, or both are engaged in the market. An industry ERP project has been emphasizing their technical strength and product characteristics, but did not think of market competition. There is a team that is entirely market personnel, but has been emphasizing previous sales experience and customer resources.

4. market knows less

3. team structure is irrational,

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2. no market research and related data

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