The story of Ali and meRent charge treasure change leather share can fire up beware of foam

indeed, logic does not convince anyone, who is worth advocating a efficiency optimization, and finally had to scale back to convert "some cost" who don’t care about money, after all on the Internet or the hard truth. However, the money is also likely to drop out of the bubble, compared to the bicycle, shared housing, sharing about car sharing network, charge sharing treasure to solve pain points is relatively thin, temporary charging demand out of time, this point may still rely on mobile phone products power optimization solution.

change vest, it is not rented,

but the trip, the house is different, sharing is playing a regional and social card, not every city has its own cars and houses, not every city can be unlimited load, everyone has cars and houses. But charging treasure, the only explanation is lazy trick: users do not want or forget to take more than two charging treasure.



actually, the analogy with the v-mobile drops, is not fair, more like cars, cars, v-mobile about Shenzhou car, but eventually drops capacity to share personal car owners, car is a necessity, but the intention is to share the existing capacity, but because of subsidies and cruel competition, by objectively fueled "profit from" the chauffeur, in the final analysis, for the description of economic share drops carpool to express, a better car than.

, who also did not expect, millet, Samsung was beaten dying charging treasure manufacturers to change the vest shared economic vitality, regardless of value, investors are very crazy, yes this is the recent hot charging treasure sharing project.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

this bubble is a little big, I would like to share the charge treasure entrepreneurs, and I hope the mobile phone battery will never reach the energy consumption optimization. But what if the phone isn’t the most important handheld device in the future,

v-mobile and in sharing charging treasure certainly not convinced, in the shared economic definition, Audemars Pigeut drops, is a kind of mode of production, and leasing one-stop Internet mode, but also a shared economy, after all no longer pay attention to consumer rights, but the right to use the sale mode that are much more efficient than.


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drops from to Mobell plus relatively stable rental Audemars Pigeut, shared economic all-powerful. This scene is more like two years ago hot O2O: Home nail, home massage, home economics…… However, it is difficult to standardize services into a concrete product.

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